When Anurag Kashyap Spoke About Why He’s Considered A Dark Filmmaker
When Anurag Kashyap Said He’s Considered A Dark Filmmaker Due To Hypocrisy Of The Language ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia )

Anurag Kashyap is one of those filmmakers who have shown the country a different kind of cinema. Although some still don’t feel great about his films, but there are many who appreciates his work. Although he has made films like Manmarziyaan and Gangs of Wasseypur, but back in the day he was known to create dark films. Back in 2014, the director spoke about the hypocrisy of the language and how people find it cool when actors use the F word in western films.

Over the years, Kashyap has touched upon the topics which were never explored in Bollywood. After his major break as a co-writer in Satya, the filmmaker went on to make films like Dev D, Black Friday, No Smoking, Gulaal and many more.

Back in 2014, Anurag Kashyap sat for an interview with Filmfare, he spoke about his journey from Paanch to Ugly and revealed when he’ll make lighter films rather than dark or gritty. The filmmaker said, “The day I start seeing the darker side of the rest of the industry you’ll see my lighter side. I didn’t hear anyone saying that Gone Girl is a dark film or Nightcrawler is a dark film. You don’t hear people saying that about English movies.”

Anurag Kashyap added, “Our hypocrisy of the language, which exists, is also a reason why I’m considered a dark filmmaker. People say DARK like ‘koi bhoot aa gaya’. It is like saying you’re disgusted by Hindi abuses. But if you use the F word, people will think it’s so cool and everybody will use it frequently and freely. And that’s the hypocrisy of Hindi.”

Reflecting on his Bollywood journey, the director said, “Why is there a need to evaluate your journey? You learn from your past. And you look at the future. I don’t sit down and evaluate my journey. I just want to make films. I had no plans to start the company; I had no ambitions of becoming a big man. I only wanted to make movies and I kept making them. And only because I kept making movies, I got what I’ve gotten today. I don’t think how I’m getting it and I’m very happy that way.”

On the work front, Anurag Kashyap is coming up with a nail-biting and edge of the seat thriller Dobaaraa. The film features, Taapsee Pannu in the lead and it is set to release on August 19, 2022.

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