During Akshay Kumar's Flop Phase, His Producers Refused To Put His Posters & Hoardings
When Akshay Kumar’s Producers Thought Of Him As A Liability & Didn’t Bother To Put Up His Posters & Hoardings

Akshay Kumar has given Bollywood back-to-back hit films and entertained his audience thoroughly. However, even then, the Khiladi actor has gone through certain flop phases, and in one such time, a few producers had turned their back on him and refused to put up his posters and hoardings. Shocking right?

In the ’90s, Akshay Kumar had featured in half a dozen flop films tanking a lot of money from the producers in a pit. That made a lot of producers second guess before signing Akshay Kumar for their films.



Now, in an interview with RJ Siddharth Kanan, producer Suneel Darshan recalled one of the incidents where Akshay Kumar had come with a sad career pipeline and won him over to do better with him. Talking about the incident, he said, “Just two months before Jaanwar was going to release, Akshay walked in and he said, ‘Suneel ji, I’m going through so much problems. The producer of the movie which released on Friday hasn’t put up posters of the movie, and there’s not even a single hoarding’.”

When Suneel Darshan had asked what did the producers tell Akshay Kumar, the actor had replied, “Tumhari aukaat nahi hai ke tumhari film ke hoarding aur poster lag sake”.

After this, Suneel felt really bad for Akshay Kumar’s situation and decided to invest in a large billboard hoarding for Jaanwar just focussing on Akshay. He shared, “I said do one thing, don’t put the two heroines, only put Akshay Kumar. So, what people would view as a liability to a project, I was seriously treating him as an asset.”

Well, after that we all know what happened. Jaanwar was a superhit film and Akshay Kumar had bounced back like a Khiladi he is. What do you think of this incident? Let us know!

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