Vivek Agnihotri Calls Himself 'God Of Liberalism' & Attacks Bollywood For Painting Him In A Bad Light
Vivek Agnihotri Calls Himself ‘God Of Liberalism’ & Attacks Bollywood For Painting Him In A Bad Light ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Vivek Agnihotri took the world by storm with ‘The Kashmir Files’ and told the world about the genocide in Kashmir in the 1990s. The movie became a huge success and received a lot of praise from the audience. However, it received a lot of backlash from different sections of society, calling the movie an attempt to spread vicious propaganda. However, Agnihotri is not taking a step back and coming forward with a series that will talk about the events that led to the massacre. There are a lot of notions made about the filmmaker, and he has never left any stone unturned to give his critics a befitting reply.

Since the release of ‘The Kashmir Files’ there have been a lot of instances when he has been called ‘anti-liberal’ and even ‘anti-national,’ which makes people wonder if he has any friends in the film industry. In a recent interview, the filmmaker opened up about various aspects of the upcoming series and talked about having friends in the film industry despite contrasting political views.

In an interview with India Today, Vivek Agnihotri was asked how he balances his friendships with people with contrasting political views. The filmmaker mentioned an incident between Sudhir Mishra and noted how he is always up to help people. He said, “What Sudhir Mishra wrote on Twitter. It’s quite funny and a lesson for many people. He said, I am paraphrasing it, ‘Vivek’s audience goes back (to cinema), but my liberal friends, they talk a lot, but don’t even come to see movie’. Something like that. He was very disappointed. So, I said, ‘Why are you saying Vivek’s audience and your audience? There’s an audience for movies. His complaint was that no body was promoting his film. So, I said, I’ll promote your film. Come Over.”

Agnihotri also noted that people were shocked when he decided to promote Sudhir’s movie because of his supposed ideology and called him self the “father of Liberalism. “The filmmaker added, “That shocked a lot of people in Bollywood because what they want to think about me is very different from what I am. They call themselves liberal. Although Liberal is a political term, but, If they are liberals, then I am GOD of Liberalism. I am saying it with pride because I practice liberalism, I practice progressiveness.”

The filmmaker didn’t stop there and went on to criticize people who keep on bashing him for his right-wing identity, saying that these people are utterly confused.

Vivek Agnihotri said: “So, a lot of people thought, ‘Arre we identify him with right-wing politics. Why do they think that? Because they think I have made ‘Kashmir Files’ which talks about Hindus and that’s why it’s right wing politics. Now, I have a question to ask them. The film is about terrorism vs Kashmiri pandits. The villain of the film is based on Bitta and Yaseen Malik and they are defending them. Is Terrorism progressive politics, liberal thing, or defending them is right wing? I don’t understand. These are confused people. So, Sudhir asked, I promoted, and I am glad his film got eyeballs. If somebody asks, I’ll do it again.”

The trailer of ‘The Kashmir Files Unreported’ has been a topic of debate, and people have extreme reactions. However, one thing that has been made clear by Vivek Agnihotri is that the upcoming series will include comments from the “first-generation victims” of the Kashmir Genocide.

The release date is yet to be announced.

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