Zeenat Amaan Calls Out Haters In Her Recent Instagram Post & Lays Out Engaging Rules
Zeenat Aman Calls Out Haters In Her Recent Instagram Post (Picture Credit: Instagram)

Veteran actor Zeenat Aman is a highly celebrated talent throughout Bollywood. The seasoned actor has been entertaining her fans on Instagram with her witty posts. The fact that she does not shy away from calling out her haters has her fans in a split. Moreover, her recent Instagram post has her fans praising her to no extent as she lays down rules for engaging on her Instagram post.

The 71-year-old actress made a lengthy post on the social media platform with a close-up picture of herself setting the foundation of engagement. She rightaway rules out abusive comments, and that the entire community must maintain a healthy relationship.

Zeenat Aman wrote, “Frolicking in the rain, and thinking about us! If we are to continue this relationship on Instagram, then I must lay bare my rules of engagement. I’ve learnt that every healthy relationship requires boundaries and here are mine: Thou shall not spew abuses, be rude or gossip in the comments or messages.
Thou shall not pit women against one another. It is no compliment to me if it involves tearing down someone else. * Thou shall refrain from spam and forwards. These are a recipe for “instant-block”.

However, she was not finished her just here. Zeenat Aman continues, “* Thou shall not tag me in irrelevant, unrelated and unsolicited stories or posts. It is a most annoying habit that doesn’t do you any favours. * Thou shall not have inane and heated arguments on my page. You come across as utterly foolish when you do.

* Thou shall quote me truly, without twisting my words. I’m looking at you, online portals that don’t even copy-paste my captions correctly.”


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Finally, Zeenat Aman concluded, “Differing opinions, personal stories, respectful comments and questions are very welcome! However I just do not have the patience for trolls and am quite trigger-happy when it comes to the “block” button. I know that many people struggle with social media, and that the Internet can be a place of venom, comparison, controversy and obsessive scrolling. I do not wish to venture down that road nor send you there, so pay heed to my commandments! We’ll be happier together if you do.”

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