Vikram Bhatt is one filmmaker in the industry who has given horror genre its due credit with the kind of films that he has made. Now, with his next film, Ghost featuring Shivam Bhargava and Sanaya Irani nearing its release date, Bhatt says he feelings making horror films is a spiritual experience.


Speaking about the same in his recent interview, Vikram said, “Making horror films is a very spiritual thing. It is about spirits. The difference between a soul and a spirit is that you know when we die we are just souls as the Geeta says. We have had many births and reincarnations and the soul can’t be destroyed.”

Vikram Bhatt Feels Making Films of Ghosts Is Spiritual
Vikram Bhatt Questions Indian Audience’s ‘Hypocrisy’ Against Movies Like Conjuring & Anabelle


Speaking to Deccan Chronicle in the same interview, Vikram Bhatt said, “It doesn’t start from somewhere and doesn’t end somewhere. It’s an endless piece of God. But a spirit is a soul that refuses to give up on its last incarnation identity. Even after death, it refuses to go into the light, the fact that I am part of the whole. Then they linger because they don’t want to free. They want to be alive. That is a spirit and I believe in that and I make a film out of that.”

Speaking about the kind of audiences that he makes films for, Vikram said, “They ask me why don’t I make films like Conjuring or Annabelle? My answer is it’s already been made. Secondly, there is a bit of hypocrisy that exists within a certain kind of audience that thinks that if there is a Hanuman Chalisa and if there is a Pandit then he is bad. When you watch Emily Rose the priest is seen as cool but if the Pandit is chanting Hanuman Chalisa you are like, “kya yaar Hanuman Chalisa”. How LS (Low Standard).”

“We think that our religion, our pandits are LS but the priest whose an American is cool. I don’t make films for that audience. I make films for an audience that understands ‘Aatma’, ‘Paramatman’. I don’t make films for the devil, god and people who want to borrow from other cultures,” said the director.

Speaking about Ghost, the film revolves around an Indian politician Karan Khanna (Shivam) who is accused of murdering his wife in the UK. He claims that supernatural energy made him do it. Simran Singh (Sanaya) plays the lawyer who battles the case of Shivam.

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