Uday Chopra Apologizes To Follower Before Quitting Twitter, Says "Just Be Who You Are, I’m No One'
Uday Chopra Says “I’m So Sorry” To A Follower Before Quitting Twitter(Pic Credit: Twitter/Uday Chopra, Wikipedia)

Uday Chopra, who is well known as Ali in the Dhoom movie franchise, has quit Twitter. On Thursday, October 21, the actor took to the micro-blogging site and remembered his father, filmmaker Yash Chopra, on his death anniversary. While informing all that he will be quitting Twitter after a couple more tweets, he also spoke about stars, galaxies and more.

At the same time, the actor took time to interact and apologize to his fans and followers as they “were unable to ignore” him. Read on to know what he said below.

Yesterday, Uday Chopra took to the micro-blogging site and wrote, “It’s Thursday so some of my last tweets, please bear with me…” When a Twitter user reacted to it, saying, “thank God it’s his last day, I can’t do this anymore,” the Dhoom actor apologised to her for what she felt over his tweets. He wrote, “But why did you have to do anything? I’m so sorry you were unable to ignore me, but that says more about you than me.” Before adding, “Oh gosh! I never wanted to make this person feel bad about this. I’m so sorry. Just be who you are, I’m no one.”

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