Vivek Agnihotri Shares A Video Of Maulvi Demanding Ban On The Kashmir Files
The Kashmir Files Director Vivek Agnihotri Shares An Example of How Kashmiri Pandits Were Removed From The Valley ( Photo Credit – Vivek Agnihotri / Facebook; Poster from The Kashmir Files )

Vivek Agnihotri is hitting headlines ever since the first trailer of The Kashmir Files was unveiled. Many have accused the filmmaker of spreading the propaganda and sharing only one-sided accounts through the film. However, the director has declined every report. Most recently, Agnihotri shared a video of Maulvi who claims that the film should be banned and the director also shared an example of how ‘Kashmiri Hindus were erased from Kashmir.’

The film is set around the time of the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits during the Kashmir insurgency in the 90s. It stars Anupam Kher, Darshan Kumar, Pallavi Joshi and Mithun Chakraborty. The film was theatrically released on 11 March 2022. Meanwhile, the box office collection of the film is impressive as it has already crossed the 200 Crores mark.

Coming back to the topic, The Kashmir Files director Vivek Agnihotri shared an example of how Kashmiri Hindus were removed from the valley. He tweeted in Hindi, “Maulvi Sahib of Rajouri says: “This film should be closed… Humne 800 saal tum pe hukumat ki you want to erase our mark in 70 years rule…”

In his tweet, The Kashmir Files director Vivek Agnihotri added, “Friends, in the same way, the name and the existence of Kashmiri Hindus were erased from Kashmir.”

In an earlier interview with Times Now Navbharat, Anupam Kher opened up about people accusing the film to be political propaganda. The actor said, “Not at all. This film is being made political because ‘khisiyani billi khamba noche’ (an embarrassed person who tends to vent his/her feeling by quarrelling). If political patronage would have made any film successful, then the biopic of Prime Minister would have done a business of Rs 1000 Crore.”

Meanwhile, Anupam also slammed Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal after he mocked the government for making The Kashmir Files tax-free. The actor said, “I must say that I was deeply hurt both as a fraternity of entertainers and more so as a Kashmiri Hindu. He should not come across a caricature, he is a real person, he is an educated person, he is an IRS officer. Ek anpad gawaar aadmi bhi aisi baat nahi karta hai.”

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