While this Khan and that Kunder allegedly met on the sets of this Khan’s film with another Khan, it was the nuptial way from there onwards. Well cutting the confusing story short, Farah Khan had a light hearted romance brewing with her editor Shirish Kunder since her Main Hoon Naa days but today, as we go on a postmortem spree on the Khan and the Kunder ventures, which bombed off late, it would be a big resurrection time for Sajid, Farah and her husband. Oh sorry, correction please! And the man who got slapped by Shah Rukh Khan!

Farah Khan:

Farah Khan
Farah Khan at the launch of a new channel, Nick Juniors

Ace choreographer Farah Khan decided to leap on to the big arena with best friend and brother figure Shah Rukh in tow as she delivered superhits like Main Hoon Na and a blockbuster in Om Shanti Om. But a reported fallout with the actor forced her to shift loyalty towards the Khiladi Kumar. Over hyped and over expected, Tees Maar Khan was a disastrous film, where the story writer had seriously taken high doses of aspirin to pen out such a marvelous story for us! Story? Was there any? We could not find one indeed! With no content and storyline and flawless buffoonery of the term acting, Tees Maar Khan was a head ache for everyone! While the no-brainer could not even serve the paisa vasool theory of Farah, sans the Sheila Ki Jawaani number with Katrina Kaif doing a Shakira with aplomb, eyes are set on the successful duo’s comeback film Happy New Year to rock the nation once again post the OSO storm! Get back to what you do best, Farah: dance and entertain!

Sajid Khan:

Sajid Khan
Sajid Khan

A stage comedian turned self proclaimed ‘prolific’ director Sajid Khan has always had a hatke way to success with his mad cap slapstick comic capers working the trick always for him, until there was this incredibly dull and melodramatically stupid Himmatwala remake which changed Sajid’s iconic ‘Entertainer’ tag and freed him from the shackles of over-confidence and imprudence. The failure of his latest Himmatwala is a perfect eye opener of sorts for this otherwise chilled out director. One who always took great mileage out of delivering super hits like Heyy Babby, Housefull and Housefull 2 has finally fallen numb in his feet, err mouth! While films with loose narratives have still managed to ultimately prove profitable ventures for Sajid, he might have expected the same out of his utterly disgusting and mindless remake. Not did the film boast of the coming together of two heavyweights Ajay Devgn and Sajid, Himmatwala also put an end to the winning streak of both the actor and director. With a film with Saif Ali Khan and Riteish Deshmukh already on cards and Housefull 3 in the pipeline, one would expect Sajid to bounce back in style, denuded from his otherwise presumptuous nature!

Shirish Kunder:

Farah Khan and Shirish Kunder
Farah Khan and Shirish Kunder

Shirish, shirish? Yes, dear! Cracking jokes at other films? Yes, dear! What about your films? Ha ha ha! Yes, a person who is so overtly critical of everyone else’s movies and flicks, sometimes calling it a firework fizzling out, Shirish Kunder’s films have remained damp much due to the lethargy that Kunder is heavily known of. Mocking others and not correcting himself has helped his troubled film maker get the ‘brash’ tag from most of the industry insiders. From Shah Rukh Khan to Akshay Kumar and reportedly Salman Khan, he had a tiff with all. His debut vehicle was a debacle of sorts but his Joker made a complete joker out of him, as the film was panned by critics and audience at large, thereby snatching his opportunity to direct Salman Khan’s Kick! While working with Shirish today is seen as a big risk factor, we advise this unabashedly irritating individual to take a break from films and join politics! Well, words do matter and talking silly is what you need to be a good politician! Why not try for a Film Critics job otherwise? Happy is a man who lives by his hobby, they say! Do whatever but Spare us from your moronic and puerile films, please!

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