Himmatwala Review (Himmatwala Movie Poster)
Himmatwala Movie Poster

Rating: 1.5/5 stars (One-and-half-Stars)

Star cast: Ajay Devgn, Tamannaah, Paresh Rawal, Mahesh Manjrekar, Zarina Wahab, Asrani

Director: Sajid Khan

What’s Good: The film is exactly as good as its 1983 version

What’s Bad: Un-hilarious stupidity and the tediously long narrative leaves you gasping

Loo break: Just stay in the loo. Don’t bother coming back!

Watch or Not?: Sajid Khan’s Himmatwala is not a remake but a bland spoof devoid of any logic. It is stupid and exhaustingly long. This one is surely a feat, the audiences aren’t supposed to swallow down seriously!

User Rating:

Fashioned exactly on the same story as its 1983 saga, the story is typical of that era.

Wronged mother, Savitri raises her son, Ravi to be strong enough to avenge the brutalities they have faced. Added with a Shakespearean sprinkle of Romeo and Juliet, enemies Ravi and Rekha fall for each other giving the film a love angle.

You must have surely chanced upon Jeetendra and Sridevi’s Himmatwala! This is way worse given its 2013 and not 1983.

Himmatwala Review (Himmatwala Movie Stills)
Tamannaah and Ajay Devgn (Himmatwala Movie Stills)

Himmatwala Review: Script Analysis

I don’t think anyone except Sajid Khan could have found the script of Himmatwala interesting. Most ordinarily placed, the film is a merely blown up, melodramatically written revenge tale with not an ounce of intelligence in it. Sajid Khan goes a step forward to severe an already botched up over the top, nonsense script! Tailoring it to suit his whims, many crucial characters are unduly omitted while unimpressively few needless ones were added. If this is mainstream Bollywood, many of us would be thankful we weren’t sensible enough to understand the 80s’ genre of cinema as kids!

In the film, perhaps the most notable moment was Ajay’s fight sequence with the tiger that leapt out straight from the sets of Ang Lee’s Life of Pi. The script pointlessly wavers without any strong substance weaving out long standing animosities and romance in the most clichéd way possible. That precisely is the point, the film works on clichés and if entertainment means that to you, you can have your pick and wallow in the dreadful pool of crass.

Himmatwala Review: Star Performances

Personally, the film made me miss the intense and passionate actor Ajay Devgn was, before mindless comedies got the better of him! He is obviously way more Himmatwala than Jeetendra was and performs his stunts with inexplicable exhibition of power and strength. Often you might chance glimpses of the serious actor he was, but the script with its dim witted dialogues and spoofy gags kills those moments unceremoniously. The film will be a sad cue for Rajinikanth however, because our leading man won against a tiger, fought off enemies with mandir ke ghante and with such ease picks up carts. All that was left for Khan to make Devgn do was climb Mount Everest without oxygen or feet!

Tamannaah is a disappointment. With a tendency of getting lost in a flood of actors, she fails dismally for her dull screen presence. She tried her best to replicate Sridevi’s Rekha, with a commendably visible honest effort but that’s all for her.

Mahesh Manjrekar almost matches up to Amjad Khan’s Sher Singh and that alone is a compliment by itself. He puts his acting and notoriety skills to good use on screen, giving a ridiculous film few worthwhile and enriching moments.

Zarina Wahab is adequate in the role of strong willed Savitri. Her versatility could have been used more, but perhaps Sajid Khan prefers seriousness limited, looming large at places in his films.

It is Paresh Rawal who once again brings on screen sheer brilliance. As Narayan Das, he easily surpasses Kader Khan who played the loyalist in the original flick. With a perfect sense of acting timing, he towers over his co-actors who have meatier roles in the film.

Thank God, Sajid Khan was considerate enough to give us a musical respite. 6 dazzling item beauties of which you’ll definitely not miss Sonakshi Sinha. However her gorgeous looks are dampened by the less energetic and dwindling disco track she sleep-dances through!

Himmatwala Review: Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

While harsh words ain’t really my style of expressing, it is the turmoil Sajid Khan unnecessarily puts us through that gives mouth to the imp inside me. Luckily, the director refrains from recreating the original scene by scene, sparing us anymore pathos than the film already is. However, he deserves credit for understanding the 80s’ genre of cinema in all its ornate frames and glossy flamboyance, almost alien to most of us bred largely in the nourishing air of intelligent contemporary cinema.

Technically, he has given a more lustrous look to the original Himmatwala, which is good. But still one would wonder if it is worth it, since it is surely no masterpiece and definitely no one really asked for a remake of it!

Composed of a few indecipherable lectures, the film drags on its drudgery for a painful two and half hours. Repetitive dialogues loaded with dim wit, the film could have done with some vital editing. The music is decent with the good ol’ Taathaiya bringing alive a fuzzy nostalgic feel with it. The film’s cinematography, dialogues and editing all could have used some neat work, yet they aren’t the reasons for it to fail.

Alas, it’s Sajid, Sajid, Sajid alone!

Himmatwala Review: The Last Word

Himmatwala demands excessive himmat from the audiences to sustain it through all its exasperating buffoonery laced with dim witted stupidity. Walk out of hall and queue up for the refund Sajid Khan promised you. See you there!

Himmatwala Trailer

Himmatwala released on 29th March, 2013.

Share with us your experience of watching Himmatwala.

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  1. Himmatwala is full of crap….don’t watch this crap.

    Sajid khan’s direction is ‘out of the world’….he is our Spielberg & Scorsese(from behind)…..next year sajid will win ghanta award for Worst Director,Sorry Shohail….

    What to say about Ajay….he has become an Average Actor from a great Actor thanks to movies like SOS,Himmatwala…..nest year it would be hard for our lallu bhai to retain his ‘Ghanta’ Award,Ajay has a high chance of winni

    Again,don’t watch this crap if you don’t want pain in your head……

  2. I knew It was a bakwas Movie….
    Ky fool hain…ye…Movie ki Politics bhi sooro ho gayi..hai..
    Bring Ajay Devgan… doing without hasiwala Comedy, impossible Action Tamanna Body show… and Sajid Khan continuousely audince catch-up freaking dialouges… it will be HIt.. It wil be Hit…
    What a strategy to income and to reach 100 crore…
    Kitna bewakoof banawaoge Janta ko…

  3. I am really… unhappy… and Sad looking at Todays Bollywood … movies… The Star Performer are making money minded business… lowing down Bollywood movies…quality…Chii Chii… itna ghatia… and ganda movies…

  4. Kamil u think u know… much… Atleast see… Life of Pi.., Rockstar… Barfi… Paan singh Tomar..I m sure u don’t like any of these movie…

  5. sajid khan k dimag ko kya ho gaya????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????jo ushne himmatwala ki remak banane ki sochi…….wo bhi koi bahot achi movie to thi nhi jiski remake banayi jaye…mahaz ek gaane ko hype kak ha ha ha…..thik hai blockbustr thi par koi yaad rakhne layak nhi….

  6. I really thinks ke itni bakwaas movie agar hit ho gayi tho kya hoga. it’s not worthful for damn bullshit khanDan has given 3 worst cinema in the history bollywood khandan back2back.
    Sry for d awesome actor Ajay dis 1 is crap.

    Mr Khan plz back my 375 bucks.

    Said Khan is Over Positive..
    Actually … He is a mad…
    Kepp away of Said Khan…
    He will earn money and may finish ur career…

  8. Sajid Khan claimed this movie to be a superhit. What a zero talented yet overconfident moron. Comedy is so pathetic that you will be tempted to hang yourself in the theatre. This movie could be a hit because people now a days like to watch shit and this is the reason why shit makers like Sajid Khan call themselve a Director. What an awful waste of time, money, taste and a holiday.

      • leave about 3 idiots, even if it breaks the record of joker it will be declared as all time classic…..himmatwala is a example of how a movie should not be. wake up call for remakes..

  9. It is one of the worst movie I ever saw in my life- hardly spent 40 minutes and then left- I think a 10 years old child can make a better remake than Sajid Khan. He should be ashamed of this movie and apologize for wasting our time- Also he can’t boast now that all Sajid Khan movies are superhit-

  10. himmatwaala is 100 times better than that worst movie jab tak hai jaan so watch it don”t listen to this stupid critics who only know how to support srkgay

  11. I knew It was a bakwas Movie….
    Ky fool hain…ye…Movie ki Politics bhi sooro ho gayi..hai..
    Bring Ajay Devgan… doing without hasiwala Comedy, impossible Action Tamanna Body show… and Sajid Khan continuousely audince catch-up freaking dialouges… it will be HIt.. It wil be Hit…
    What a strategy to income and to reach 100 crore…
    Kitna bewakoof banawaoge Janta ko…

  12. The film should give this Statutory Warning: Watching Himmatwala movie can seriously harm you by means of guilt and self-hate on your choice of movie, bigger impact may cause you to join Bollywood haters club or become a critic. Overall in future please avoid watching Sajid Khan’s or His Brother-in-Law’s movie.

  13. reading such review ..i don’t get so much ‘HIMMAT’ to watch ‘HIMMATWALA’….sorry this time AJAY you get BOOOOOOOWS

    • MR. SUNIL… SRK, Salman and Amir ne apko kya problem kiya hai…
      Don not bring and spread stupidity or Non-sense…
      Saying… “superb movie by hindu actor support him”… is wrong….Even Actor is not at all bothered by Hindu or Muslim …Neither… The Star Acting in the film, convey such messages….Be a Gud Human and Be proud for that…

  14. Is se Ashi toh mai movie bna sakta hoon…LOL…Bollywood is going worse these days. Shitty movies coming like Khiladi 786, Dabang 2 ( Dabang 1 was still good) and now this Himmatwala. More to see such mindless movies. After this movie really I have no HIMMAT to watch such movies. And those who love such movies I SALUTE you Guys…LOL

  15. complete family entertainer…………not for youngsters but ek bar aapne family parents ko movie dikhane leyjaoo tab pata chalega ki movie kitni best hey

  16. This movie is not who wear head phone and facebook/Twitter Guys, But who belive complete 80′ magic for whom this movie is great. and other EK THI DAYAN IS COMING

  17. jisne is film ke bare me ganda comeents kiya hai jaroor saala blind hoga…naki use film ka koi samj nahi hoga…tabi saala bakawaas coments kar rahe hai….HIMMATWALA IS SUPERV MOVIES OF AJAY DEVAGN… GOOD ACTION BEST COMEDY ..BETTER EMOTION DRAMA.FILM…PLS PLS PLS WATCH THE MOVIES..THEN U SAYS WHT R MOVIES..I SO PROMOSI U LIKE THE MOVIES…MAI IS FIL KO FIVE ME SE FIVE SYTAR DE TA HU..ajay sir ur the best…

  18. I have watched Himmatwala twice. Believe me that it is completely a entertaining movie. A must watch family film.

  19. good comedy in new style but not like as old movie
    what is meaning of bum why not use hindi word in hindi movie

  20. maha bakwass movie.a complete wastage of time and money.i never see a stupid movie like himmatwala. dakhne wale itne pagal nei hote jo aasi films dakhe.mahabakwas movie.
    level of boreness and stupidness of movie ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    himatwala> 3333333*(abhishek bachan movies)


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