Swara Bhasker Reacts To Love Jihaad Debate & The Growing Intolerance
Swara Bhasker Reacts To Love Jihaad Debate & Holds Government & Media Accountable(Pic credit – Swara Bhasker/ Instagram )

Time and again, the topic of Love Jihaad has created a lot of controversies. The recent Tanishq commercial struck a debate against Love Jihad, and ever since, a lot of eminent personalities have spoken on this topic. The recent one being Swara Bhasker who is known to be vocal and has never shied away from expressing her views about anything.

Recently on a news channel, the panellists of a debate were heard asking that cross-communal marriages be forbidden by law. This provoked strong protests from the liberals. In this tirade against Love Jihad, even Swara rose her voice.



After the debate, reacting to these protests a food delivery app has agreed to look into its advertorial stakes in the said channel. But activist-actress Swara Bhasker says she is not convinced by the app’s liberal leniency. “I think that was just a standard response. We live in times when hate and lies have been normalised.”

Swara Bhasker accuses mainstream news of fanning and fuelling hatred. “The mainstream news media today has become the most unreliable and irresponsible source of rabble-rousing. When they are called out, and their hate and bullying are held accountable, they respond with trolling and more hate. But this is the pushback to hate from normal rational citizens. We must hold the media and the government accountable as citizens and as taxpayers.”

Swara has said this earlier also that, love jihad is a figment of some people’s imagination. She believes it helps win elections if the atmosphere is filled with communal frenzy and Muslim men are projected as criminals.

Swara Bhasker holds that a Hindu woman has no control over herself and her s*x life till the time she remains Hindu. Having posted such awkward views for some time on Twitter, Swara thought of summarising her views on love jihad on Twitter. A few weeks back, a user questioned her about the new law. To which Swara had a befitting reply. Check out the tweets below:

Seeing this particular tweet, while many users praised Swara, others questioned her belief. What Do you think about her views?

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