Swara Bhasker Was Lying Her Age For Several Years
Swara Bhasker Finally Reveals Her Real Age

It’s not new when we heard someone saying that in the film industry, people lie about their age all the time! Recently, Swara Bhasker opened up about her real age and confessed to hiding her real age for several years.

We see Swara speaking her mind all the time. Be it political scenario or any other controversial debates, the actress never shies away from presenting her views. In a recent interview too, she was quite honest while revealing her real age.



While talking to Cosmopolitan India, Swara Bhasker said, “As an actress who lies about her age all the time, sometimes I just make up an age that I’m feeling [laughs]. And I tell everyone that I’m going to lie about how old I am. I’m 32, by the way, but I was 28 for the longest time. I was 28 for 4 years and weirdly enough, nobody noticed! But now, people have caught onto my trick.”

Swara Bhasker further revealed an interesting tale of her 30th birthday celebration, during which she cut a cake with 25 written over it. “I remember, when I turned 30, I cut a cake that read 25. And then I told everyone about it. People were like, ‘What’s the point of doing this if you’re going to tell everyone about it?! At least lie properly!’” she added.

Well, it’s really good to see that Swara is finally speaking the truth! It’s just like “Der aaye durust aaye”.

Meanwhile, recently Swara took to her Twitter handle to express her love and happiness as Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge turned 25. Amid this, a Twitter user reminded Swara Bhasker of all the wrong traits that Shah Rukh Khan’s character Raj Malhotra had. He noted down pointers. Concluded his tweet calling the character a creep and asking why do women fall for such men in the first place.

The tweet did reach Swara Bhasker who decided to reply to the user. She acknowledged the fact that there are problems. Swara said how it is the magic of Bollywood that it romanticises stalking too. And we as the audience also get influenced by it.

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