Sushant Singh Rajput News: Family Lawyer's 'Strangulation' Claim Addressed By AIIMS Chief
Sushant Singh Rajput News: Family Lawyer’s ‘Strangulation’ Claim Addressed By AIIMS Chief

Sushant Singh Rajput’s passing away has made this a world a sad, sad place to live in. Social media is full of reports of which a fraction of them are true. Every news channel is trying its best to attain the best TRP possible. There’s a very slim chance left of any news to be true. Since the day late actor died by suicide, there has been a constant debate of it being a planned murder.


Recently, SSR’s lawyer Vikas Singh claimed the same and said the cause of his death is murder by strangulation and not suicide. He also had tweeted, “Getting frustrated by the delay in CBI taking a decision to convert abetment to suicide to Murder of SSR. The Doctor who is part of the AIIMS team had told me long back that the photos sent by me indicated 200% that it’s death by strangulation and not suicide.”


Responding to everything said by Sushant Singh Rajput‘s lawyer, panel chief of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Dr. Sudhir Gupta has put forward some very logical points. It’s yet to be seen what the lawyer has to say to this.

In a conversation with Times Now, Dr. Sudhir Gupta said, “No conclusion or conclusion opinion of homicide or suicide could be made by seeing ligature marks and scene of occurrence. It’s difficult for doctors and next to impossible for general people, needed solely internal link discretion and forensic interpretation.”

Also, on Whatsapp chats being used as evidence in the Sushant Singh Rajput’s case, spokesperson of the messaging application company released a statement. The statement said, “WhatsApp protects your messages with end-to-end encryption so that only you and the person you’re communicating with can read what is sent, and nobody in between can access it, not even WhatsApp. It’s important to remember that people sign up on WhatsApp using only a phone number, and WhatsApp doesn’t have access to your message content.

“WhatsApp follows guidance provided by operating system manufacturers for on-device storage, and we encourage people to take advantage of all the security features provided by operating systems such as strong passwords or biometric IDs to prevent third parties from accessing content stored on the device.”

What do you think about the current happenings in Sushant Singh Rajput case? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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