Sunny Deol's Prank On Chunky Panday Will Make You LOL(Pic credit: Instagram/chunkypanday, iamsunnydeol)
Sunny Deol’s ‘Free Cigarettes’ Prank On Chunky Panday Is Hilarious!(Pic credit: Instagram/chunkypanday, iamsunnydeol)

People who know Sunny Deol or have followed him off-screen would be aware of his shy and introvert nature. But once he did something hilarious to Chunky Panday and that’s in no way shy or introvert. This funny incident happened while Sunny and team were returning from Nairobi after shooting Vishwatma.

Apart from Sunny, Chunky Vishwatma also starred Divya Bharti, Naseeruddin Shah, Amrish Puri and many other talented actors. On the flight back home, Sunny randomly started distributing cigarettes to the people. But, there’s a gut-busting twist to this story.

As revealed by Chunky Panday in his interview with Times Of India, “I remember we were flying back from Nairobi after the Vishwatma shoot was over. I had purchased a lot of cigarettes from Nairobi. I had gone to sleep when somebody woke me up and informed me that Sunny was distributing cigarettes on the flight.”

What happened next to Chunky Panday will make you LOL, “Now, Sunny Deol doesn’t smoke, and even though I had many in my bag, I thought I must still get my share. It was only when the plane touched the runway that I realised that Sunny had flicked my cigarettes to distribute. I freaked out. He came up and told me ‘You should be kind. You must always share’.”

Chunky added, “I quickly went ahead and stood outside the aircraft to collect all my cigarettes from each of those whom Sunny had given. So Sunny may be an introvert but not with people he starts knowing well, he can then be great mischief and fun.”

In his conversation with Hindustan Times, Chunky Panday once got emotional about people forgetting his name and work. He had said, “There were two generations who had forgotten me. There was this little kid who came to me and asked my name. I was quite disturbed, and I decided consciously that whatever film I do I will win over those children.”

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