Sonu Sood To Launch India's Biggest Blood Bank App & Now He Will Always Be There For You!
Sonu Sood To Launch India’s Biggest Blood Bank App & Now He Will Always Be There For You! (PC: Instagram)

Actor Sonu Sood is going to launch what is expected to be India’s biggest blood bank, through an app named Sonu For You. The app aims at connecting donors to those in urgent need of blood.


As per the app, a donee can reach out to donors, and on receiving a request a donor can immediately reach the hospital and donate blood. Already being hailed as the country’s biggest blood bank, Sonu For You promises to help patients with rare blood groups.


Sonu Sood tells IANS: “Sonu For You was conceived by me and my friend, Johnson. Every time someone needs blood on an urgent basis and we share the same on social media, we receive responses from many. So we thought, why not come with an app that serves the same purpose?”

Sonu Sood adds: “Going to a blood bank to search for a certain blood group can take a long time especially in cases of rare blood groups. Every year, 12000 patients in India die due to a lack of donated blood. With this app, we want to convey the message that our 20 minutes can save someone’s life.”

The actor has been expanding relief work in different sectors of society.

It started with his work for migrants during the lockdown. Sonu Sood also started the distribution of e-rickshaws among the underprivileged. Sonu has started online classes, too, for children who cannot afford the technology.

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