‘One more icon bids adieu’: Soni Razdan talks about travelling in double-decker BEST buses
Soni Razdan Reminicses Her College Days & Bids Adieu To Mumbai’s Double Decker Buses ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Veteran actress Soni Razdan posted a note talking about her time travelling to college or to meet friends in the double-decker BEST buses in ‘Bombay’. She said she still remembers the thrill of clambering up the noisy stairs and finding the front seats empty.

Taking to Instagram, Soni posted pictures of the old BEST bus and a new one.

Soni Razdan captioned: “And one more icon bids us adieu. Bombay’s and Mumbai’s double-decker bus of yore, which I grew up with … and which I used every day going to college and to meet friends in Colaba. Still remember the thrill of clambering up the noisy stairs and finding the front seats empty. The streets looked fascinating from there.”

Soni Razdan continued, “Just one ride gave one so much food for thought. I remember the proximity to some buildings in crowded streets and many a time would get a glimpse into the rooms yonder. Life was teeming in every direction where people went about their day … be it eating or cleaning or getting a child ready.”

“In some streets dancing girls would be practising, in others people hanging out of their windows watching the world go by while I watched them all, fascinated,” Soni added.

Bidding adieu to the double-decker buses, the Raazi actress concluded: “If I had been an artist all that would have been my inspiration, and my ‘houses’ would be works of art in some gallery somewhere by now. Maybe some inherited affinity from my architect father perhaps! Nowadays may not travel by the lovely new ones, but I fondly remember the old. Bye bye Bombay busses.”


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