Simmba being one of the biggest releases of 2018, started off well with remarkable reviews and it is already declared a super hit by trade pundits with impressive word of mouth among the audience. Simmba is doing exceptionally well at the box office and with the New year around the corner, the moviegoers who are looking for a good Bollywood entertainer will flock to theatres to watch Simmba.

With all the positive buzz around the movie, there is some negativity spreading like wildfire all over social media rising a question “Is Simmba really a complete rip-off of Telugu super hit film Temper? Did Rohit Shetty copied/lifted off every scene, every frame from the original?” The answer is a BIG NO!

Temper directed by Puri Jagannadh starring Jr NTR, was a blockbuster and featured the lead actor as a corrupt cop. An orphan grows up watching cops live the high life and is inspired to become a policeman. From pulling the trigger without a moment’s hesitation to using the misery of people around to earn money – Daya, the cop in Temper, does everything without feeling guilty. Daya veers towards the right path after an emotional conversation with a rape victim’s sister. His life and his ambitions change for the better after this moment in the film. He has no qualms about torturing people, and it was this attribute of the character that resulted in Temper becoming a success.

Is Simmba a complete remake of Telugu super hit film Temper?
Simmba VS Temper: Is It A Complete Rip-Off Of The Telugu Super Hit?

The soul (story) of both the films is no different but where lies the magic is in execution. The captain of the ship Rohit Shetty often told in the interviews that “Simmba is different and features only four-five scenes from the original.” We have watched both the movies and to figure out whether Rohit Shetty’s claim is true and we have the answers. Let’s dig deep more into both the movies.

Does it really called a “remake” when the director tweaks the story to make it different from original and makes it his own? We think we have to invent a new phrase for that. Yes! What Rohit Shetty claimed is true. Simmba is not a complete rip-off of the original Temper. Apart from the few scenes, everything in this movie is a complete overhaul. He completely changed the characterization and mannerisms of the characters so that they can connect with the feels of North/native audience.

From the beginning, the way hero’s entry is shot and scripted is the same but the situations are different from the original. The entire love episode between Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan is fresh and new which isn’t found in the original. The addition of Siddhartha Jadhav is a plus to the movie and Ashutosh Rana’s characterization is a bit tweaked from the original. The way Ranveer and Sonu Sood’s relationship starts and how they ultimately ended up as rivals, the role of Ranveer’s sister and her connection with him is completely changed and recreated. The way the story develops and the characters move towards the end and the climax of the movie, the court scenes are rewritten and they do leave a strong impact on the audience.

But, what we miss from the original is the bromance between hero & villain, the iconic fight at Interval bang, the essence in the police station fight (oops! spoiler) that gives you goosebumps all over in the original, the twists and turns in the sentimental court scene that makes you cry all over, and the climax fight that serves the villains right and leaves the audience with a satisfactory feeling.

It is hard for us to admit that the characterization of Sangram Balerao is missing the much-loved attitude and mannerism from the original version of Daya. Jr.NTR’s portrayal of Daya is hard to outshine as the character is filled with grey shades, a negative attitude, and a killer mannerism which we already had witnessed Ranveer’s iconic negative shade performance of Khilji in Padmaavat, we believe he could have pulled it off effortlessly. If that was included in this remake then it would have been “Sone Pe Suhaga”.

To conclude, Rohit & Ranveer’s Simmba is really a mass masala entertainer with a blockbuster written all over it and is indeed different from the original. Fans fighting on social media over which version is best and spreading negativity can sit back and relax now. SIMMBA is already a HIT and Ranveer Singh is at his best!

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