Shraddha Kapoor recently announced her upcoming film Nagin, let's look at the similarities between the 3 Nagin actresses
Shraddha Kapoor recently announced her upcoming film Nagin, let’s look at the similarities between the 3 Nagin actresses

Shraddha Kapoor has never missed an opportunity to take the road less travelled in terms of films and roles. With her recent announcement of Nagin which created a buzz across the internet, let’s have a look at what qualities do our Bollywood heroines share to make and carry this Nagin legacy ahead. Sridevi and Vyajayanthimala have made it epic individually and both have performances that will be fresh in minds for aeons to come.


With Shraddha being all set to step into the legacy with the same charm and grace as the legendary ladies there are some more things common between the three:


Shraddha Kapoor makes it a point to connect with her audiences through her performances on screen and in real life. Her character from Aashiqui, Aarohi is stuck in the mind of masses even today, as she steps out the paps always call out to her with that name. Much like the two Sridevi and Vyajayanthimala did, the audiences always shared a sense of relatability with the two. Sridevi is still resounded as the ‘Hawa Hawai’ girl by audiences, as her performance in the film was simply elegant.

Shraddha Kapoor has a fan following of over 50 million but is a grounded personality with a homely feeling. Recently, on the occasion of Gudi Padwa, the actress flaunted her mother’s saree as she celebrated the festival with her family. This speaks for how the actress doesn’t need to have a fancy ensemble on to celebrate a festival, mother’s hand me downs also speak volumes on simplicity. Even during the lockdown phase, it was a delight seeing the actress celebrate the festival with her family and spread smiles. Similar to Vyajayanthimala and Sridevi, stars with fame bigger than most actors of their time still managed to be composed and simplistic, not forgetting their roots.

One more thing that ticks all boxes is the three actresses never shied away from taking up roles unique and risky, the choice of films, characters were never a constant. Shraddha imposes the same quality to explore with a strong backing of exquisite talent.

Having a super duper hectic 2019 with releases lined up one after the other, and starting 2020 with a bang too with releases back to back. Apart from her recently announced Nagin, Shraddha Kapoor will be seen next in a Luv Ranjan directorial alongside Ranbir Kapoor.

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