Shah Rukh Khan's Chat With Sameer Wankhede Leaked, Superstar Agreed To His Son's 'Miniscule' Role & All He Needed Was Reformation For His Wayward Ways!
Shah Rukh Khan To Sameer Wankhede: “There Is Nothing More I Can Say Or Do But Beg You” As He Pleaded To Release Aryan Khan From Jail ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Recently it was reported that the chief investigating officer of NCB Sameer Wankhede, who arrested Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan in a drugs case, was booked under corruption charges. Now, Wankhede, in his petition, has submitted his chats with SRK as proof for him to plead not guilty of the charges being pressed on him.

In what seems like a WhatsApp conversation between SRK and Wankhede, the superstar was begging Wankhede to let his son go and accepted that his son has gone a little wayward but does not deserve to be in jail. In the chat, the Pathaan actor addresses Samir as Samir Sahab and begs him to release Aryan from jail as the experience would break him.

Shah Rukh Khan even pleaded with Sameer Wankhede that his son would reform and be a person both SRK and Wankhede would be proud of. He even mentioned that the help Wankhede is giving is invaluable, and SRK wanted to give Wankhede a hug, whenever he would feel free for a meeting. He even applauded Wankhede for his mission (to end drug consumption perhaps) and offered to help in whatever way he could.

As per exclusive chats released by India Today, Shah Rukh in one message says, “Get your guys to go slow for God’s sake. I swear I will stand by you at all times to come and assist you with what all you are trying to achieve good. It’s a man’s promise, and you know me enough to know I am good for it. I beg you to please have mercy on me and my family. We are a simple set of people and my son has been a bit wayward, but he doesn’t deserve to be in jail like a hardened criminal. You also know that. Please have a heart, man, please I beg you.”

In another text, Shah Rukh Khan further pleads with Wankhede to let Aryan Khan go and writes, “I beg you, man, please don’t let him be in that jail. He will break as a human being. His spirit will be destroyed because of some vested people. You promised you will reform my child and not put him in a place where he may come out completely battered and broken.”

However, in another impressive text, SRK asks the officer to not compromise his integrity and help him within accepted limits. “If in any way without losing your integrity as an officer of the law, you can help in whatever manner possible. I will always be indebted. Just please consider this request, it will be a huge favour because the family just wants him home, and not get stamped with having been a convict in a notorious prison. It will really help with his future and that’s why I am making this, beyond reasonable request as a father. I hope you consider it please, for his sake.”

However, when Aryan Khan was not out of jail even after days, SRK sent a text to Wankhede again and pleaded, “Please tell them to go easy man and let me get my son home. Please. There is nothing more I can say or do but beg you.” SRK even assured that he would never do anything that goes against the law and rules. He wrote, “You have noticed my behaviour through all this. You know I would never stand by anything against what you are doing. I believed it when you said you are thinking of Aryan as your own and want to make him a better person. I haven’t done anything to not help my son get that reformation. I haven’t been in the press. I haven’t made a statement. I have just believed in your goodness. Please please don’t let me down as a father.”

A last text from Shah Rukh Khan to Sameer Wankhede says, “I promise you I will do all of it and won’t shirk away from begging them to stop. But please send my son home. You also know in your heart it’s been a bit too harsh for him by now. Please, please I beg you as a father.”

Though none of the texts have been verified or cross-checked. These texts are said to be a part of Sameer Wankhede’s petition against the corruption charges of Rs 25 crore in the Aryan Khan drugs case.

For more updates on the case, stay tuned to Koimoi.

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