When Shah Rukh Khan Was Arrested For Forcibly Entering A Journalist's Home & Hurled Abuses, Disrespecting His Parents & Later Threatened Him In Front Of Cops, "I Am In Jail But I'll Come F*ck You"
Shah Rukh Khan Was Once Arrested For Abusing A Journalist (Picture Credit: IMDb)

Shah Rukh Khan might seem to be the most sensible man in Bollywood but there have been times when the actor has lost his calm and how! The same happened in the 90s when he was arrested after a journalist filed a complaint against SRK. But him being the Pathaan he is, he did not care still and threatened the journalist further in front of the policemen.

This story dates back to the time when Shah made a film called Maya Memsaab in 1992. He had shot some of the most explicit scenes of his career for the film. Some of the scenes were n*de as well. However, a magazine reported that the actor spent a night with actress Deepa Shahi to get comfortable before shooting for those scenes.

Maya Memsaab was directed by Ketan Mehta, and his wife, Deepa Sahi, was the actress in the film. A magazine called Cine Blitz suggested in a report that Ketan Shahi wanted Shah Rukh Khan to spend a night with his wife, Deepa Shahi, in a Mumbai Hotel so that they would be comfortable with each other before they actually shoot for the n*de scene together.

An excerpt from Anupama Chopra’s book ‘King of Bollywood: Shah Rukh Khan and the Seductive World of Indian suggests that the superstar went berserk when he read the article in the news and wanted to know the name of the journalist. Someone told him the name, and he lost his calm and broke through his home to hurl abuses. The journalist’s parents were sitting right there, but SRK paid no heed to them.

Later, the journalist filed a complaint against SRK and sought police protection. Shah Rukh Khan was arrested, but what he did next was beyond anyone’s imagination. An excerpt from Anupama Chopra’s book reads, “Shah Rukh Khan was arrested from Film City and was taken to Bandra Police Station. Since he was a star by then, he was not jailed; few of the cops even took his autograph. SRK requested to make one phone call. And guess who did Shah Rukh called? The same journalist. It seems that in front of the policemen, he told him, “I’m in jail, but I’ll come f*** you.” At 11:30 pm in the night, Shah Rukh Khan’s close friend Chikki Pandey got him out on bail.”

However, years later, someone clarified that the journalist who faced the Pathaan actor’s wrath was not the one who wrote the article. The superstar apologized profusely to the journalist, realizing he did wrong to him and his parents. The journalist was even invited to Shah Rukh Khan’s house, and the actor did an exclusive photoshoot with Cine Blitz as a token of apology and professional courtesy.

Meanwhile, the n*de scenes from Maya Memsaab between Shah Rukh Khan and Deepa Sahi were removed from the film after the Censor board objected to them. Later, they leaked on the internet in 2008 and created an uproar. Coming to the Jawan superstar, his temper was in check for years.

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