Shah Rukh Khan & Virat Kohli's Fans Get Into An Ugly Fight & We Are Like It Wasn't Required
Shah Rukh Khan & Virat Kohli Fans Drag Families In Their Fight, Netizens Say Calm Down(Photo Credit –Instagram)

In the era of social media, anything can happen at anytime. There could be a bizarre trend that can go viral, there could be ugly fights, and even fan wars can erupt too that will make you feel like is it even worth it. Recently, fans of Shah Rukh Khan and Virat Kohli got into a war that soon turned personal. Scroll below to read the details!

SRK is one of the most respected stars not only in India but all across the globe, and Virat Kohli is the pride of India for more than a decade now. In fact, Virat’s wife, actress Anushka Sharma shares a great bond with SRK. Sadly, the real world is different from than virtual world, and recently, the war between Srkians and Virat’s fans turned ugly as families were also dragged into it.

Shah Rukh Khan and Virat Kohli have always spoken about each other in a respectful manner and often showed their admiration towards each other in their interviews. However, the recent fight between their fans on social media has left us thinking it is even required. SRK fans boast of biggest social media army, as they proved with the blockbuster success of Pathaan, where they bashed the boycott gang like a boss. Still, this time, they have messed up with the fans of Virat, and things became murkier when both sides dragged the families of respective stars.

One of the users wrote, “Awkat mai raha karo beta jahan cricket ki phauch nhi hai, wahan Shah Rukh Khan ki hai… Kolly should focus on winning hearts and lungs in IPL.”

“Virat Kohli is himself inspired by Shah Rukh Khan. Kohli fans should focus on winning Kidney, lungs & heart in IPL, not comparing 2011-born star Virat with legend like SRK.”

“Shah Rukh Khan = Pride of nation. Virat Kohli = Shame of nation.”

Well, there were a few netizens who tried to calm down the fight between the fans. One of the users wrote, “Shah Rukh Khan and Virat both are the pride of nation so stop this childish fight.”

Well, what do you think about this war on Twitter? Was it even required? Let us know in the comments section below!

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