Shah Rukh Khan's Answer On Receiving Criticism From Hardliner Muslims Goes Viral - Watch!
Shah Rukh Khan Says He’s A Good Actor On Getting Asked If He Faced Any Criticisms From Hardliner Muslims ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Shah Rukh Khan knows how to win your hearts, and he has mastered the art of it. Not once, not twice, but every time he appears in front of us, be it with a hand gesture, dimpled smile or witty answers, he always leaves his mark on his fans’ hearts. This one time, a reporter had asked him whether he had ever faced any criticisms from any hardliner Muslims for being a moderate one, and his reply left us in awe of that person. Watch it below to believe it!

SRK has often faced backlash for being a Muslim and marrying Gauri Khan, who hailed from a Hindu family. He has also faced a few criticisms over playing Hindu characters being a Muslim person.



In a press conference, a reporter had asked Shah Rukh Khan, “have you been criticised by Muslim hardliners for being a moderate Muslim?” King Khan answered, “not yet, I mean I’m quite careful about it. I’m a good actor. There is a little confusion between faith and religion. Faith by definition means different practices of same things. So religion being one and there’s a different faith. I have grown up like that.”

Going further in the conversation, Shah Rukh Khan mentioned, “I was in a Catholic school, St. Columba. I have learnt my Hinduism from doing Ram Leelas of Chhabra Sahab in Delhi and I have learnt Islam from my family. That is why I think I have been able to appreciate all the religions. Yes, my wife is a Hindu. My children say Nasruminallah and Bismillah, and they say the Gayatri mantra also, and it’s quite okay.”

“A lot of my friends are, yes sort of hardliner Muslims, and they also come to my house and listen to the mantra and then they listen and see us do the namaz and sometimes we don’t do it properly and the hardliner guys just teach us how to do it properly and I’m okay. I’m like it’s a good learning experience. I do speak the word of Qur’an, which is actually quite like the word of the Bible, which is quite like the word of Geeta and Mahabharata. It’s all the same. I find it strange when we are fighting about this, it’s like the same novel, same topic, just different languages, what is the issue man!” Shah Rukh Khan concluded.

Check out the video here, as shared by a fan page named srkvibe2.0 on Instagram, which is even liked by another versatile actor R Madhavan.

Well, this is the reason why Shah Rukh Khan is called the King Khan of Bollywood. No one can ever explain such a sensitive topic with such kindness other than him. What do you think? Let us know!

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