Shah Rukh Khan Has A Set Of Rules For Suhana Khan's Boyfriend & You Shouldn't Miss It!
Shah Rukh Khan once revealed he is a very progressive father and will allow his daughter to be with the person she wants.(Photo Credit –File Image)

Shah Rukh Khan is a caring husband and a dotting father. When it comes to shelling out complete family man goals, the actor never leaves a chance to prove that there is no one like him. In the past several times, SRK has revealed that he is quite protective about his kids, and he hardly scolds them.

Apart from being the king of Bollywood, SRK is the king for his kids as well. He is a proud and fiercely protective father. When in daddy mode, that actor gives out the don’t mess with me vibes. Interestingly, the actor once revealed the list of rules for anyone hoping to date his daughter and you shouldn’t miss it. Scroll below to read this throwback story.

Once during a conversation, the film critic Anupama Chopra reminded Shah Rukh Khan of the seven deadly rules that he made for the person who wants to date his daughter Suhana Khan. She also asked the actor, ‘are you going to be a really progressive father’, and the actor replied to the question like a true Indian father. He said, “I am an extremely progressive father. I will never be able to ask my daughter, is he decent?… does he treat you well?.. I am too shy to speak about this to women including my own daughter because it’s too personal and it’s her space.”

The Pathaan actor Shah Rukh Khan also revealed that whatever her choice would be he will love that person. The actor added, “Because I can’t talk to her that’s why I am putting out on social media. Just in case, everyone should know about it. I think, whatever her choice would be I will only love that person.”

For the unversed, SRK has 7 rules for the person who wants to date Suhana Khan. The list includes, getting a job, understanding that he will never like you, he is everywhere, and he also wants a person to get a lawyer. Apart from it, the actor said that the person has to remember that Suhana is her princess and not his conquest. He will also not mind going to jail and will do exactly the same that the person will do to Suhana. Well! Well! He is not kidding, the actor is serious about it.

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SRK is sounding like every Indian father ever, who wants his future son-in-law to keep his daughter happy and there is nothing above it. What do you think about the list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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