Zero Trailer Launch: Time and again, Shah Rukh Khan has spoken about how technology and grandeur can merely enhance the experience for the audience, but the real meat should always be in the script and screenplay. Well, this hold true for Khan not just for his films, which more often than not are mounted on a grand scale, but also for his events, wherein the marketing team come up with something that fascinates every guest who attends the event. While the grandeur often enhances the experience of the launch, the journalists always gets the best content due to SRK’s knack of answering the questions.

While the basic purpose of a Shah Rukh Khan event is similar to all other events that take place i.e. trailer launch followed by a press conference, but the superstar often believes that the experience and ambience are two things that his media family should take back. And the event for the trailer launch of Zero was exactly as per Khan’s ideology. Huge set up of a “Mela” from Meerut with games, food stalls, mobile shops and small shopping centre recreated at the venue to keep the media entertained. Though such things don’t really build a buzz around the film, Khan over the years has mastered at the art of keeping people around him happy or rather, bring a smile on their face. For him, launching a theatrical trailer of a film is nothing short of a celebration, and every time he gets a unique way to celebrate the launch with the audience. After getting enough time to be fascinated by the fancy set up, started the press conference.

Shah Rukh Khan And The Grandeur – An Insight Into The Zero Trailer Launch Event!
Shah Rukh Khan And The Grandeur – An Insight Into The Zero Trailer Launch Event!

Khan answered all the questions and bowled over the media with his charm and wit. He responded to every question as per the merit and with dignity. When a young guy present at the event asked Khan for an advice on how to tackle stress and anxiety, though the host of the wasn’t really convinced with the question as it was not pertaining to the film, Khan said that this is a serious issue and we shouldn’t really make fun of it and tried to put sense about life to the reporter who asked the question. Shah Rukh also revealed that the entire team was nervous to launch the theatrical trailer of the film, as they were not really sure as to how would the audience react to the trailer, which has a lot of subtle emotions running in its backdrop. The superstar seemed confident about the content as he revealed how Aanand L Rai and Himanshu Sharma (Writer) never stopped believing in the characters and screenplay for over 2 years. The two ladies, Katrina and Anushka confessed that Zero is Shah Rukh Khan and Aanand L Rai’s baby, and they are privileged to be a part of this special film. The trio of SRK – Kat – Anu, also happened to speak about how they share an extremely comfortable bond since Jab Tak Hai Jaan days.

Aanand L Rai confessed that the film wouldn’t have been possible without Shah Rukh Khan, as he showed a lot of faith in the script and premise, which though has a lot of commercial elements, isn’t the run of the mill conventional film. Khan also revealed that it was Salman Khan who suggested him to listen to the script of Zero and was grateful to Salman to come on board for a cameo in the film. At the end of the event, Shah Rukh Khan and Aanand L Rai confirmed that Abhay Deol and Jimmy Shergill are also a part of Zero, however the audience will discover their characters only upon the film release. Basically, the event ended with smiles all around and discussions within the journalists about the probable premise of the film, as the trailer left a lot of open ended questions. As I stepped out of the auditorium, a couple of journalists came up-to me to ask as to what my guess about the story is. And well, this reaction means that the purpose of trailer has been served since it has evoked a discussion among the audience. Directed by Aanand L Rai, Zero releases on 21st December 2018. What did you think of the trailer? Let us know!

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