Rohit Shetty Says "Golmaal Will Happen Till I Make Films" Also Reveals The Formula Of Making Hit Films, Says " I Never Sit With The Actor To Discuss Their Prices..."
Rohit Shetty Shares His Secret On Making Successful Movies & Talks About Golmaal(Pic Credit: Facebook, Poster)

When it comes to back-to-back hit movies in the Bollywood industry, B-town’s dashing filmmaker Rohit Shetty is the go-to. The director has come a long way with his first movie Zameen, after which came Golmaal and the rest is history. Recently the director was seen in an interview where he shared his views on making movies.

Along with this the director also opened up about his comedy franchise Golmaal and its fifth installment. The first part titled Golmaal: Fun Unlimited came out back in 2006.

Well, recently Rohit Shetty was seen in an interview along with Pinkvilla, where he gave an update regarding his Golmaal franchise. Rohit said, “Two years of a pandemic has shifted everything. I couldn’t start Golmaal because there was a big backlog for all of us. Everything is now fine by the grace of god and we will soon start work on Golmaal as well,” adding, “Golmaal will happen. It might be right after Singham or maybe another year post that. I enjoy that space and will keep making Golmaal till I am making films.”

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