Ratna Pathak Shah Gets Trolled For Her Recent ‘Karwa Chauth’ Comment, Netizens Slam Saying “Why You Need To Comment, Zaroorat Kya Hai”
Ratna Pathak Shah’s Comment On ‘Karwa Chauth’ & India Moving Towards Extreme Conservatism Gets Her Massively Trolled, Netizens Said “Could You Say The Same For ‘Roza’” ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Actress Ratna Pathak Shah – who is known for roles in films and shows like Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na, Lipstick Under My Burkha, Kapoor & Sons and more, has now found herself being massively trolled on social media. This trolling is owing to the actress’ recent statements about India moving towards becoming an ‘extremely conservative society’ and asking if we want to become like Saudi Arabia.

During a recent chat with an entertainment portal, the Golmaal 3 actress spoke about how women in the 21st century, are still observing age-old traditions like Karwa Chauth – a Hindu ritual in which the wife prays for her husband’s long life by fasting. While she revealed it was for the first time last year she was asked if would fast for her husband, Ratna also said that India is becoming ‘a conservative society’ and the first thing it does ‘is clamp down on its women’ – just like they have done in a country like Saudi Arabia.

Netizens aren’t happy with Ratna Pathak Shah’s comments and have taken to social media to slam her for both dissing women keeping the Karwa Chauth fast and calling Saudi Arabia a conservative society while making comparisons. Read on to know all they have to say.

Slamming Ratna Pathak Shah for her recent comments, one user wrote, “Thank God We are in Twitter age else dimwits like #RatnaPathakShah would have been celebrity and would have been given #Padma awards 😂😂” Another commented, “Wait so while wearing hijab is okay for women if it’s her choice ( to which i agree), doing karva chauth willingly makes us regressive and conservative. 😐 At the end isn’t it all about having the power to choose? Can someone please decode this!” While a third added, “When I first read her nonsense on #karwachauth I thought what are her views on four wives? Isn’t that regressive or she thinks it’s progressive? Her unwarranted comments means she desperately wants attention,both she nd her hubby do this periodically.”

Further commenting and trolling the actress, one netizen wrote, “Dear #RatnaPathakShah , Could you say the same for ‘Roza’ ?” Another added, “Karwachauth is conservative becoz it is a way wife expresses their love for her husband but hijab,halala & triple talaq is very progressive where a women is forced & tortured for not adopting, Ratna Mam need better dictionary at home to know diff #RatnaPathakShah” A third noted, “I thought it is my choice to keep fast or not. But looks like Ratna Pathak is not that wise. Madam what will be your answer if someone asked you if celebrate ramzan or not? #RatnaPathakShah” Another noted, “here Is no need for Mrs Shah to Wade into unnecessary Situations just to get written about. Khaali Peeli,Ungli karoge Ma’am toh Log baatein Bhi Banayenge. Karwa Chauth Is An Astha Moment For Hindus.Why you need to Comment. Zaroorat Kya Hai #RatnaPathakShah”

Slamming Ratna Pathak Shah for comparing India to becoming a ‘conservative society and it becoming like Saudi Arabia, one netizen wrote, “Going by #RatnaPathakShah logic 20% of India has already become Saudi Arabia with demands of Hijab, Halala, Sharia civil laws and #SarTanSeJuda chanting terrorist spawning Madarsas” Another added, “#RatnaPathakShah is Muslim. Her husband is Muslim. Her sons Imaad and Vivaan are Muslim. In her religion women don’t have equal property rights, men can have 4 wives women can’t, underage girls are legally married. Therefore she thinks #KarwaChauth makes India Saudi Arabia.”

A third – pointing out Hinduphobic Bollywood, added, “The amount of disdain public is showing to Hinduphobic Bollywood these days this love jihad madam #RatnaPathakShah might just have to go to Saudi Arabia for work!oh but there is no acting,singing and dance! Atleast there she will understand how modern Indian society actually is!”

What do you think of Ratna Pathak Shah’s comments? Let us know in the comments below.

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