Ranbir Kapoor Has Been Roped In As Al Pacino In An AI-Generated Clip Of The Godfather & The Internet Cannot Take The Torcher Anymore
Ranbir Kapoor Has Been Roped In As Al Pacino In An AI-Generated Clip Leaves Netizen Reacting To The Horror ( Photo Credit – Facebook ; IMDb  )

Technology and entertainment have been going hand in hand for ages, but these days, technology seems to have taken the upper hand. In fact, with AI, things are mostly going out of hand. In the past few months with the help of AI, the internet has seen all – Ranbir Kapoor as Marvel Superhero, Marvel superheroes in Mumbai Rains, Friends cast getting married as per Hindu traditions, and much more.

But too many cooks spoil the broth, and too much technology spoils the art! In fact, too much of anything is scary. A video has been going viral on the internet where an AI artist has reimagined The Godfather with the Barfi actor. The video shows RK instead of Al Pacino mouthing the classic dialogues.

The video was shared on a Reddit thread by r/bollywoodmemes, and the netizens had a lot to say. Spoiling a classic like The Godfather was unbearable, and the fans finally vented out their frustration for misusing AI. Trolls, attacks, and brutal digs all were thrown at the Barfi actor and Ranbir Kapoor had to face the brunt without any fault of his!

A user even informed that the clip has been going viral with all the actors and wrote, “You guys should watch the one going viral recently with… MOHANLAL, MAMMOOTY ND FAHAD Deepfake doing this scene.” Another user pointed out “OP has no idea how good the original scene is, and this looks so terrible.” One more user trolled the video and wrote, “5 mins into it, Ranbir be like: Channa mereya mereya.”

A Redditor got so carried away that he could not take Ranbir Kapoor anymore and commented on his acting skills in a video, which technically does not even has RK. The comment read, “He’s not as good as some of yall hype him up to be.” Another user wrote, “Already available with the name of BOMBAY VELVET.”

Fans of the film even defended Ranbir Kapoor’s alternate casting and one user wrote, “People actually hated Al Pacino’s stoic acting in The Godfather when it first came out.” Another pointed out a fun fact and commented, “The character of Hyman Roth was played by famed acting teacher Lee Strasberg, and Ranbir went to the Lee Strasberg Institute.”

You can see the AI-generated video of The Godfather starring RK here.

Thoughts in this God father edit of Ranbir Kapoor
by u/Glad-Ad5911 in bollywoodmemes

On the work front, Ranbir Kapoor is currently working on his Beast mode for his next revenge drama, Animal. He is speculated to play Ram in Nitesh Tiwari’s Ramayana.

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