Raj Kapoor Felt That Nargis Cheated On Him By Marrying Sunil Dutt
Nargis’ Marriage With Sunil Dutt Left Raj Kapoor Heartbroken ( Photo Credit – Wikipedia / Nargis / Sunil Dutt ; IMDb / Raj Kapoor )

Nargis and Raj Kapoor were star crossed lovers of Bollywood whose stories are still etched in their minds. When the actor fell for the beautiful actress, he was already married and had children. Despite that, he had promised that he would marry her. But did you know when the Mother India actress married Sunil Dutt, the Kapoor lad used to burn himself with cigarettes?


Yes! You heard that right. Raj was left heartbroken after he saw the love of his life getting married to someone else, and he couldn’t do anything about it. Keep reading further for this interesting throwback story.


In the book about the actor, Madhu Jain has written, “When he came to know that Nargis had married Sunil Dutt, then Raj Kapoor wept bitterly in front of his friends and colleagues. The biggest problem in his life was that his first meeting with the actress took place only four months after his marriage, and their religions were also different.”

It is said that both Raj Kapoor and Nargis had their first film Aag and Both of them did 16 films together. At the same time, this Raj-Nargis duo remained a hit on the screen for nine years, and people loved them very much.

Nargis had her heart, her soul and even her money in Raj Kapoor’s films. There was a time when she even sold her gold hard to save R.K Studio when there was a shortage of money. Maybe that is why his heart was always with her. He could never really get over her, so much that he would burn himself with a cigarette to see if he was dreaming, even when the news of the actress’ marriage came up.

At the same time, Nargi’s biographer TJS George writes, “From then on, Raj Kapoor started drinking wildly. Raj Kapoor always felt that Nargis had cheated him.”

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