Radhe: I Watched Every Trailer Of Salman Khan Since Wanted & The Major Difference I Noticed Was The Streaming Quality
Radhe: I Watched Every Trailer Of Salman Khan Since Wanted & The Major Difference I Noticed Was The Streaming Quality (From 480P To 1440P) (Pic Credit: Movie Stills)

Okay, so first things first, I wanted a different headline to this article, but I thought not many would relate to it and click it. Now that you’re already here, here’s what this article was originally titled: “I Watched Every Trailer Of Salman Khan Since Wanted & The Major Difference I Noticed Was The Streaming Quality (From 480P To 1440P).” Radhe trailer is finally here and 45 seconds into it to know how Salman Khan’s cop isn’t a ‘normal’ police officer but a ‘specialist’. As the trailer progresses, it gives you a flashback to many things that already you’ve seen before. This made me go back to watch every trailer of his since Wanted, and OH MY GOD, I’ve cracked a formula.

So, if you’re editing a Salman Khan film trailer, I believe there’s a formula consisting of three significant steps which you’ll be getting with a particular set of instructions. Firstly, you’ll have to introduce a problem. Any problem. Big, small, family, country, village, vintage. Then you’ll have to introduce a problem solver, i.e. Bhai.

Now, to set the tone, you’ll have to give some “mujh par ek ehsaan karna”, “dil main aata hoon, samajh mein nahi”, “ek baar jo main commitment kar di”, and “dil kholke nahi, Dell kholke dekho” (okay, not the last one) kinda adrenaline-pumping lines to the film’s lead, i.e. Bhai. This will create a “Bhai toh Bhai hai” kinda aura around his character, which will lead to “where’s bhabhi?”

After registering Bhai’s character (like Radhe), Bhai moves to Bhabhi, who most (or I guess all) of the times are unimpressed by his style (or existence) at first, but the trailer immediately throws in a dancing track between both of them. Bhai, Bhabhi set. What’s next?

Where’s the creator of the problem which you’ve introduced before the Bhai-Bhabhi track? Bring in the villain! No villain has ever stood a chance against Salman Khan. The makers even tried bringing in Pakistan, but Bhai won. Forget Pakistan, the makers tried to pitch a mountain against Bhai, and he shook it without laying any hands. Bhai 1 – Mountain 0.

(Pic Credit: Radhe & Other Movie Stills)

At this point, you already are 75% through the trailer. Now, design a fast-cut montage including some dance sequences, many action sequences laced by the signature song of the album. And by now, you’ll be an expert to know how to end the trailer. Yes. With another seeti-maar dialogue (Eid plug in will be preferable). Voila! Here you have got the trailer of a film which will go to the box office and earn a minimum of 100 crores.

Despite everything, if you see Ek Tha Tiger (2012) and Jai Ho’s (2013) trailer back to back, you’ll get the point I’m trying to make here. Yes, I understand it’s also about the budget, but the difference is way broader than just the lush locations. Another example is comparing Sultan (2016) & Tiger Zinda Hai’s (2017) trailer with Race 3 (2018). It says a lot about how filmmakers have cracked a creativity-restricted formula which should finally come to an end.

Now, to conclude this, I’ve never been a Salman Khan hater, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed most of his films even before Wanted. I’m not against any artist; I’m against the restricted creativity in promoting that artist’s art. Salman fans worship him as a star, and they deserve way better than this. I know many won’t agree to this and will bash me in the comments, and that’s totally their choice, but if you enjoyed reading this article, share this with three of your friends & have too much fun.

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