Nora Fatehi's Entry On India's Best Dancer Spikes The Show's TRP!
Nora Fatehi’s Entry On India’s Best Dancer Spikes The Show’s TRP! (Pic credit: Instagram/norafatehi)

The supremely talented dancer and performer Nora Fatehi has taken the nation by storm with her entry as a judge on the dance reality show, India’s Best Dancer. Nora’s entry on the show has witnessed a massive spike in the viewer ratings as well as audience appreciation.

Owing to her infectious energy and entertaining persona, Nora Fatehi has emerged as one of the best judges on the show in a very short span.

Being one of the most loved and talented dancers, Nora Fatehi’s comment and reaction after every performance is eagerly awaited by not just the contestants but also the audience. Along with her enchanting personality and irresistible charm, Nora Fatehi has also proven to be a massive support to the contestants with her uplifting spirit, emerging as an inspiration to the youth.

India’s Best Dancer has been amongst the top loved shows across television, however, the show further witnessed a surge in TRPs since Nora’s entry.

While the show recorded 5409 TRP in the 34th week, the 35th i.e, the week of Nora’s entry witnessed 5577 TRP. The following week also garnered the show the third spot on the chart with 5960 impressions. The show has been consistent in the top 5 this week as well with 5917 impressions.

The audience is in for a treat every time Nora takes the stage with her electrifying moves as well as her impeccable knowledge of Hindi. The talented artist has been captivating not just the audience and contestants but also her co-judges.

Nora Fatehi entered the show post Malaika Arora’s exit after she was tested positive for Covid-19. The producers unanimously thought of Nora and she was an instant choice for the role.

Nora Fatehi enjoys a global fan following with her flawless dance moves giving a testimony of her expertise in the art forms.

Social media is ablaze with Nora Fatehi’s raging moves and cute reactions on the show, adding to the popularity of the show.

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