Kangana Ranaut starrer Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi might be leading the pathway of success at the ticket windows but with new revelations from the team members and the ones associated with the film, the film is in turmoil. After actors like Sonu Sood, Mishti slammed the actress, as well as Director Krish, accused her of taking unfair credit, she’s got an answer for it all!


In a recent interview with Bombay Times, the actress also directed the film spoke in detail about the entire saga. On being asked to what she has to say about all the claims co-director Krish has been making in various media appearances, she said, “I wanted to show him the film in December, but he never showed up. In fact, he was sure that the film was completely destroyed and was surprised how could anyone revive it. When I did, he could not believe it. The minute he saw the film he was like, ‘It’s my film,’ which is okay, as he anyway has got the credit for it. But the question is, why a media trial? Why can’t he meet and tell me what his concerns are?”

Manikarnika Debacle: Kangana Ranaut Takes A Dig At Director Krish, Sonu Sood & Her Contemporaries!
Manikarnika Controversy: Kangana Ranaut Takes A Dig At Director Krish, Sonu Sood & Her Contemporaries!

About actor Sonu Sood who exited the film mid-way due to changes that were made in his character (Sadashiv), she went onto share that, “This is proper sabotage that these people are doing, especially Sonu Sood, who is contractually bound not to talk about the film. He should not be talking about the movie and as his contract was terminated, he is no longer a part of the film. He doesn’t hold any sort of participation in it. Why is he maligning it?”


Moreover, she slammed the other actors of Manikarnika (like Mishti, Atul Kulkarni) who along with Sonu Sood are raising their voice now. “All these character actors, who are part of the film, are claiming that they were promised something and it was not delivered. They are messaging me saying, ‘oh we were told that we’ll get to do solo interviews’ and this and that, so I blocked their numbers. I was like, are you trying to butter both sides of the toast now?” she questioned.

The Queen actress also took a dig at her contemporaries from the industry for not supporting her as she says, “I didn’t charge a penny to direct and I was completely dedicated to it. Industry people are being absolutely obnoxious, they are ganging up against the film, not saying anything and trying to ignore it. Some small-time actors are messaging me saying, ‘oh, we saw the film. It is such a good film.’ They are not daring to write this on social media. So that’s how they have all ganged up. It is not that it doesn’t hurt. This film was so special and everyone should have stood by it, the way we stood by films like Queen or Dangal or any other film that makes an impact on society. What I felt from this experience is that the industry is full of petty people, who don’t rise above their personal likes and dislikes.”

Although it’s too difficult to pick sides at this point, with the revelations and statements that are coming up with every new day. All we can hope for is this Manikarnika controversy to end as soon as possible. Let there be peace!

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