KRK Claps Back At Mika Singh With Derogatory Remarks
KRK Claps Back At Mika Singh In A Derogatory Video (Photo Credit: Instagram/Twitter)

Bollywood singer Mika Singh recently released a video on Kamaal R Khan. Titled, KRK Kutta, the video was a diss on the self-proclaimed critic. It consisted of a background of a barking dog along with common people calling him a dog! Now, he has replied to the song in his own review format and dragged Rakhi Sawant yet again!

It was yesterday when Kamaal announced that he would share a video in return for Mika’s song on him. The video was titled, “Mika is a rapist?” Now that the video is finally out, it consists of some serious defamatory statements that would bring one to shame.



KRK in his video against Mika Singh said, “He once told the media that he attended my birthday party, and abused me in front of Vivek Oberoi. These useless journalists should have asked Vivek to confirm this because he was actually there. What had really happened was that I hadn’t even invited him (Mika). He called me and cried over the phone, ‘Brother, I am your neighbour, and you haven’t invited me to your birthday party.”

Kamaal R Khan in his video also spoke about the Rakhi Sawant controversial row. In a reaction to Mika Singh given statement that he behaves inappropriately with women, KRK said, “Suar jaisi shakal wale, duniya ko gyaan dene se pehle apne girebaan me jhaak le. Tu aurato ki kitne izzat karta hai, uska sabut ye hai. 2006 me is lukkhe ne bhari maifil me Rakhi Sawant ko suar ki tarah choosa. Suar ki tarah kiss kia, aur is tarah se kisi ladki ko jabardasti kiss karna rape se kam nahi hai.”

Just not that, he even claimed that Mika came to him for work in the past. “I remember he used to roam around with a guitar in 2004. He once came to meet me with a friend of mine, Mehmood. He told us he’s a singer, so we asked him to sing a song for us.” KRK then proceeded to mimic Mika Singh singing Sawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag. He added, “I told him ‘you aren’t a singer, you are a donkey, and you’re behaving like one’.”

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