KRK Reviews Salman Khan's Antim, Bashfully Says "Agar Yeh Film Corona Ke Mariz Ko Dhikha Di Jai Toh Corona Khud Usse Chod Ke Chala Jayega"
KRK Reviews Salman Khan & Here’s What He Says(Photo Credit: KRK /Youtube;Poster From Movie)

Antim: The Final Truth, starring Salman Khan and Aayush Sharma in the lead, released today and reviews of the same are pouring in. Not the one to stay behind, Kamaal R Khan aka the self-proclaimed critic KRK too has reviewed the action-thriller and he has nothing short of bashed it.

Wondering what Kamaal had to say? Well, from the acting to the music, direction, action sequence and more, the self-proclaimed shared his views on every aspect of the film. He didn’t just rate the film but even shared some advice with the audiences who may head to theatres to watch it. Scroll below to know all he said.

Sharing the review on his Youtube channel, KRK begins talking about the film by stating that it’s the remake of the Marathi film Mulshi Pattern. Naming the character ‘murga’ (Aayush Shamra) and ‘budhav’ (Salman Khan), Kamaal R Khan goes on to bash the film by stating that the film is just like an ’80s-’90s flick. Stating which all films Antim: The Final Truth takes inspiration from, the self-proclaimed critic then moves on to its dialogues.

Stating that just like its storyline, the dialogues of Antim are also outdated like those of the 80s and 90s. Taking a jibe at Salman Khan, KRK points out a dialogue his character delivers – “Lamba toh sirf plastic hi chalta hai, aur kuch nahi chalta.” He states that it’s true for Salman in real life too as he is making use of plastic abs to show off how well-toned he is even in his late 50s.

Calling the film’s music ‘ghatiya’ and ‘ sadaa hua,’ he also adds that the action is also not great as instead of hand-to-hand combat there are lots of bullets shots. He also states that Talking about Mahesh Manjrekar’s direction, KRK reveals that it can’t be called ‘direction’ and calls it something from the 80s and 90s. Further talking about acting in Antim: The Final Truth, he states that the actress did an ‘OK’ job while the lead actors competed to know who can be the worst at acting.

Concluding his Antim review, KRK went on to give his final verdict saying, “agar yeh film corona ke mariz ko dhikha di jai toh corona khud usse chod ke bhaag jayega.” Advising all to avoid the film, Kamaal said, “apne paise bachaiye, time bachaiye aur yeh torture se dhur rehe.” He signed off by giving the film a 1-star rating. Watch:

Well, with KRK reviewing this Salman Khan film, we wonder what drama will not unfold. For those who do not know, a lot was said and even legal action was taken against the critic when he reviews Bhai’s Radhe earlier this year.

What do you think of KRK’s review about Salman Khan and Aayush Sharma’s Antim: The Final Truth? Let us know in the comments.

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