Kishwer Merchantt Questions Kangana Ranaut For Not Wearing A Mask At The Airport
Kishwer Merchantt Slams Kangana Ranaut After She Was Spotted Entering The Airport Without A Mask (Pic Credit: Instagram/kanganaranaut, kishwersmerchantt)

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live. Now, our face masks have become a mandatory accessory in our OOTD. Different states have different rules, but one thing that remains constant is that you will be fined if caught without a face mask. Then how is it that Kangana Ranaut gets to roam without a mask? Well, that is what TV actress Kishwer Merchantt is wondering.

Kishwer cannot stop wondering why Kangana never wears a mask in public. The Queen actress was spotted at the Mumbai airport on Monday, and the soon-to-be mommy’s comments came right after.



A paparazzi post on Instagram had Kangana Ranaut interacting with the photographers without a mask. This irked Kishwer Merchantt, and she commented, “How is this woman never in a mask?” Well, this surely diverted everyone’s attention, even if it was for a minute.

Kishwer Merchantt received mixed responses for her comments. While few fans jumped in to rescue their Queen, others agreed with the TV actress and wondered how Kangana Ranaut was able to enter the airport without a mask?

“Wonder why no one says anything to her? Different rules for different people. Shame,” one person wrote in response to Kishwer’s comment. “Viruses don’t attack fellow viruses,” another person wrote. “And how is she even allowed inside the airport without a mask?” a third person commented.

Now, we are waiting to hear what Kangana Ranaut will respond to Kishwer Merchantt’s claims?

For the unversed, Kishwer and her husband, Suyyash Rai, recently announced that they were expecting their first child. “Mai tere bacche ka baap banne wala hun @kishwersmerchantt (I am going to become the father of your child)! Coming this August,” Suyyash wrote in an Instagram post making the announcement. Sharing the same picture, Kishwer wrote, “You can now stop asking ‘when are you guys gonna have a baby?’ Coming Soon.”

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