Kiara Advani Called Out For Her 'Rude' Behavior By A Cabin Crew, Allegations Supported By Another Fan
Kiara Advani Called Out For Her ‘Rude’ Behavior By A Cabin Crew(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Kiara Advani is riding the career high as she awaits the release of her highly anticipated reunion with Ram Charan for Game Changer. Advani also recently completed ten years in the industry and decided to celebrate it with fans with a meet and greet. While celebrities have been called out many times for their rudeness or stoic behavior with fans or paps, it is often understood that violating their privacy can irk them.

Certain celebrities are known for being distant, but Kiara Advani has always been considered a polite actress. While she may not out-interact with people, she has never really been called out for being rude until now. A cabin crew member recalled their alleged unpleasant interaction with Kiara Advani; other people have had similar experiences.

The Bollywood sensation Kiara Advani has captivated millions with her radiant smile and stellar performances. Her real-life romance with Sidharth Malhotra only adds to her charm. However, recent controversy reveals a different, less flattering side of Kiara. In an interview with a YouTube channel, a cabin crew member described a negative experience, stating that Kiara “has a lot of attitude.” The crew member recounted how Kiara rudely refused cashews and almonds, insisting they call her assistant to give them to her instead.

In the same interview, the cabin crew member praised Janhvi Kapoor, who remained calm and patient when woken up for a briefing, and Ananya Panday, who was described as sweet and funny.

An excerpt from the video was shared on Instagram, where a netizen commented about an encounter at a cafe. They described how Kiara Advani’s lip balm fell and rolled to their feet, but Kiara‘s assistant came to collect and disinfect it instead of retrieving it herself.

As the video spread across social media, netizens were taken aback by this new information about Kiara. Some were critical, with one user writing, “Not so Pyara Advani,” while others defended her, stating, “What was so rude in Kiara’s behavior?” Another user shared their positive experience: “I have worked with both Kiara and Ananya, and Kiara was very sweet and genuine, behaving nicely with everyone.”

While both experiences are so different, it is possible that Kiara was just caught on a bad day.

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