Did Karan Johar Reveal Alia Bhatt Told Him She Was Marrying Ranbir Kapoor & Was Pregnant On The Same Day? This Video Has Redditors Saying, “So It Was A Shotgun Wedding…”
Alia Bhatt Told Karan Johar She Was Marrying Ranbir Kapoor & Was Pregnant On The Same Day? KJo Allegedly Spilled The Bean With Redditors Remarking, “After Such A Carefully Crafted PR Clean Up…” (Picture Credit: Instagram)

There are many couples we admire in Bollywood, and Alia Bhatt-Ranbir Kapoor is definitely one of them. The couple – who played lovers in Brahmastra and are likely to play Lord Ram and Goddess Sita in Nitesh Tiwari Ramayana, got married on April 14, 2022, and welcomed their little angel, Raha, on November 6 2022. This led many to believe the actress was pregnant before tying the knot, and it seems like Karan Johar may have confirmed it too.

We came across a Reddit video collage of Karan speaking at two different places but seemingly talking about the same day. While the first part has KJo talking about Alia breaking her pregnancy news to him, the latter has Alia recalling the moment she told him she was marrying RK. Scroll below to check out the video and read some Redditor comments on it.

In a video shared to Reddit’s Bolly Blinds N Gossip, with the caption “Alia told KJo she was getting married and was pregnant on the same day,” we see Karan Johar recall Alia Bhatt telling him about her pregnancy. Then the actress recalled KJo’s reaction to her marriage news with Ranbir Kapoor. In both situations, Karan seemingly suffered a bad hair day and was wearing a cap and a hoodie. While that can be chalked to a coincidence, the director states that he hardly ever goes through such times.

In both videos, Alia Bhatt visits Karan Joahr at his office to deliver the news, and the filmmaker gets emotional and teary in both. Check out the video here:

Alia told KJo she was getting married and was pregnant on the same day
by u/tandem_felix in BollyBlindsNGossip

Commenting on the video, one wrote, “You mean to tell me after such a carefully crafted pr clean up campaign , Kjo slipped up like this 😂”

Another added, “So the truth was what many here believed initially as well that the marriage was hush hush.”

A third commented, “I wonder why Karan had to mention the bad hair day and cap thing twice, in both the interviews. Like, the fact that HE was having a bad hair day and was wearing a cap and sitting in his office is really irrelevant to her marriage and pregnancy story, you know? A shady part of me feels he wants drama and gossip so he mentioned it first for the pregnancy interview and then for KWK so people connect the dots and understand that the baby happened first and then the marriage was decided and hence it coincides 😂😂😂”

Another noted, “so it was a shotgun wedding. interestingly i’ve read neetu and rishi also had a shotgun wedding because neetu got pregnant. i’m not sure if it’s true but i find it very interesting, combined with how alia rk also paid a tribute to his parents with their wedding date or something. btw i’m not judging here, this is just a random fact i’ve been dying to share. xD”

What are your thought’s on Karan Johar letting the cat out of the bag with regard to Alia Bhatt’s wedding and pregnancy? Let us know in the comments.

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