Netizen Bash Kangana Ranaut Following Her Comments On Plight In Israel, Ask Instagram To Take Her Account Down For Using Homophobic Slur
Kangana Ranaut Creates An Uproar On Twitter Following Her Comments On Attacks In Israel(Pic Credit : Facebook/Kangana Ranaut)

Is there every day when Kangana Ranaut isn’t making the headlines for some or the other statement or comment? We think not. The actress, who is permanently banned from Twitter, recently took to her Instagram account and shared her views on the attacks happening in Israel. Her comments not only irked users there but has got her trending on Twitter too.

For the last few days, Israel and Palestine have been on the brink of a civil war with bombing and shelling exchanges taking place. In the midst of all these airstrikes and rocket attacks harm both ends, Kangana expressed her support for Israel and applauded its approach.



In a series of post on her Insta stories, Kangana Ranaut supported Israel and its attacks on Gaza. One of her stories read, “India stands with Israel. Those who think that terrorism should be replied with dharna and kadi ninda must learn from Israel.” Another comment she posted read, “In the fight against radical Islamic terrorism Indian stands with Israel. Let’s eradicate the illness of terrorism from this world.”

Commenting on Kangana Ranaut’s views about the ongoing issues between Israel and Palestine, one Twitter user wrote, “You don’t have to be Muslim to stand up for Palestinians you just have to be Human. And she’s not. That’s it that’s the tweet” Another tweeted, “Does this birdbrain, pathetic and islamophobic #KanganaRanaut know what exactly terrorism is? During the holiest night of Ramadan, Laylat-al-Qadar 300 worshippers were relentlessly injured and to this moron those unarmed worshippers were brutal terrorists. Wow. #isrealterrorist”

Another user wrote, “#Kangana Ranaut we should stop giving any response to her post. She is purposely making such statements first to divert people’s mind from modi governments failure in dealing with covid and second to come in limelight. Why we want to make her trend.just ignore her and then see” While a fourth tweeted, “About 600 rockets have been fired towards the Israel by the Hamas, you have no words to say about it but when Israel retaliates you cry. Israel has power to save its country and also it could destroy your akas.”

Several Twitter users have even tweeted asking for Kangana’s Instagram account to be reported and taken down. One user wrote, “@instagram ok are u not gonna do anything about this??? Kangana ranawat is openly using homophobic slur in her story. Take her account down. Improve your report review service. #KanganaRanaut #KanganaTeam #bhakts #BJP” Another wrote, “I urge you all to report Kangana Ranaut’s Instagram account for her islamophobic stories. Lets get her Instagram account deleted too.”

What are your views on Kangana Ranaut’s latest comments? Let us know in the comments.

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