Twitterati Lashes Out At Kangana Ranaut For Mocking Priyanka Paul
Kangana Ranaut Mocks Priyanka Paul, Receives Backlash(Pic credit – Kangana Ranaut/ Instagram; Priyanka Paul/Twitter )

Ever since Kangana Ranaut joined Twitter as herself, not a day has gone by that she has not indulged in some or the other feud online. While she has been mocking Deepika Padukone for her depression story, an artist named Priyanka Paul became her latest target for the same discussion. But this time around, Twitterati was in no mood to welcome the Panga actor who is now facing a severe backlash for trolling Paul over her depression tweet. Below is what Kangana said.

It all began when Kangana was advocating True Indology, a Twitter handle that was deactivated by the platform. According to her, it was IPS Officer D Roopa Moudgil was behind the move. Kangana, in her series of tweets, said a lot about Moudgil. She even went on to call her a side effect of reservation.

The said tweet about Moudgil reached Priyanka Paul who replied to Kangana Ranaut and wrote, “Side effects of being an entitled sanghi savarna, when unworthy and undeserving gets the power they don’t heal they only hurt, I don’t know anything about her personal life but I guarantee that her frustration is stemming out of her incompetence #KanganaGetOffTwitter.”

Priyanka Paul added, “Honestly starting to think it was better when there were less ‘outsiders’ in bollywood (they’re all bland savarnas anyway whats the difference) atleast the others aren’t spewing garbage like this crackpot here.”

Kangana Ranaut, who ignored these tweet from Priyanka, decided to mock her on the tweet where she had spoken about mental health. Kangana wrote, “Apni halat dekho kuch lete kyun nahin? Self admittedly Suicidal ho, toxic ho, creepy looking bhi, aisi kaun si kami hai jo aap mein nahin? Mujhe gyan mat do mujhse gyan lo (See the state of yourself. Why don’t you do something about it? You admit to being suicidal, are toxic and look creepy as well. What faults do you not have? Don’t give me advice, take one from me), change that hairstyle asap and learn to meditate.”

Reacting to thing Priyanka Paul wrote, “Go f**k yourself”, Kangana responded, “No no no I am hot and sexy I don’t do it myself.”

This clearly did not go well with Twitterati who have been calling out Kangana Ranaut for her wrong tweets and are in no mood to spare her. Below are a few reactions:

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