Helicopter Eela has released and as expected, Kajol has come up with a delightful and heartwarming performance all over again. As a single mother who manages to find a meaning to her life after been prodded by her teenage son (played by Riddhi Sen), Kajol has explored a different arena all over again after her last big screen outing Dilwale.

Considering the fact that the Shah Rukh Khan starrer had released three years ago and even on a conservative note she must be getting at least five good offers every month, what is it that makes her go and pick Helicopter Eela?

Kajol - “I am happy to do one film every two-three years”
Kajol: “I Am Happy To Do One Film Every Two-Three Years”

“Honestly, the quality of scripts. I don’t want to do a film every three months. Mujhe ek picture araam se 2-3 saal mein karni hai. Ek toh phir yeh promotion bhi which goes on for 50 days. Itne mein toh meri ek aur picture khatam ho jaati,” laughs Kajol.

“On a serious note you also want to do a film which you solely and wholly 300% believe in”, she adds, “You want to be sure that even if the script is good whether the director would be able to pull it off and whether the producer would indeed back it up. And then there is a script that Helicopter Eela comes in where you know that you would indeed be able to do a very good job. This is one of those films where I knew that I would be able to work it out, come what way.”

Guess that also comes with experience, isn’t it? After all her debut film Bekhudi released back in 1992 and that translates into a solid 26 years of working experience.

“Yes, definitely. And also because I am a reader. After all these years you know what you can bring on screen and the impact you can make. You know for a fact that how it would play out on screen and I knew that it would,” says Kajol.

Well, now that the Pradeep Sarkar directed film is playing in theatres, the results are there to be seen.

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