Bigg Boss 12 Day 23 LIVE Updates: Today’s episode of Bigg Boss came in as a super shocker, not only because we saw Surbhi Rana’s level of inhumanity towards Shristy Rode in the task, but also because Bigg Boss revealed Mid-Week Elimination which means either Nehha Pendse, Karanvir Bohra or S. Sreesanth would be thrown out of the house!


The episode started with Sreesanth as always being a spoilt sport, or ‘loser’ is the word? While the entire house was rooting for him as the captain, and clearing out every obstacle possible, he gave up in the end because of a pity quarrel with the Khan sisters.

Then came the most anticipated fight between the quietest Saurav and the instigator Deepak. Like the usual, Deepak picked out the previous captaincy task’s issue where Saurav shut him up with a swear when the former saw Shiv cheating in the task (by switching his hands). Deepak created a fuss, and our innocent farmer lost his calm to a point where he was almost going to hit him (Publicity much?)

Bigg Boss 12 Day 23 Live Update: Surbhi Pulls Srishty's Hair, MID-WEEK Eviction & Much More!
Bigg Boss 12 Day 23 LIVE Updates: Surbhi Pulls Srishty’s Hair, MID-WEEK Eviction & Much More!

Taking about the task which witnessed a next level of cruelty, this time it was vice versa and like yesterday, 2 members of Team B were supposed to stop the participants of Team A from crossing the obstacle and the one who’s crossing it the last, would be out. As the game begun, Deepak & Surbhi from Team B tried to stop Shivashish, who in return happened to get violent and kicked Deepak as he made his way out. Furthermore, as Srishty was trying to cross the cliff, Surbhi Rana pulled her down by her hair. The site was terrific, nothing I personally would want to see again. The good thing is most of the house members took a stand for Shristy which led to only her along with Shiv’s elimination from the task (But was that tiny punishment fair enough?)

Meanwhile, the task continued and KV, Srishty & Urvashi have managed to sustain till now. The plan is to make Srishty the captain but we’re not sure if that’s going to happen!

Tomorrow’s episode will the SHOCKING! There will be a mid-week eviction, and out of the 3 singles eliminated (KV, Nehha & Sreesanth), one of them will be evicted. The more interesting part is to see if the eliminated single will be sent to the outhouse with Anup Jalota. Bigg Boss pretty much seem to be playing his own game within the game that’s already happening. And we’re super curious to know what more is coming our way!



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