According To Jiah Khan's Sister Sajid Khan Se*xually Harassed The Actress On The Sets Of Housefull
Jiah Khan’s Sister Has Accused Sajid Khan For Se*ually Harassing The Actress ( Photo Credit – Twitter / Sajid Khan ; Wikipedia / Jiah Khan )

Filmmaker Sajid Khan is one Bollywood celeb who has been constantly alleged by his actresses and staff for misbehaviour and se*ual harassment. During the #MeToo wave in India, many girls came out and opened up about the times when Sajid harassed them.


It turns out that he had harassed his Housefull actress, Late Jiah Khan as well. In a recently released BBC documentary “Death In Bollywood”, Jiah Khan’s sister Karishma has alleged Sajid Khan for se*ually harassing the actress who died of suicide in June 2013. Although in her suicide letter she had claimed that the reason is her then-boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi, the actress’s sister has made some more shocking revelations.


In a video from the documentary, Karishma can be seen saying, “It was rehearsal, she was reading the scripts and he asked her to take off her top and her bra. She didn’t know what to do, she said ‘the filming hasn’t even begun yet and this is happening.’ She came home and cried.”

“She said, ‘I have a contract, and if I leave, he’ll sue me and slander my name and if I stay then I’ll be se*ually harassed, it is a lose lose situation.’ So, she did do the film.” added Karishma, the sister of Jiah.

She went on and shared her own experience with Sajid. “I remember going to Sajid Khan’s house with my big sister and I remember being around the kitchen table, must’ve been like 16 at this stage. I was just wearing a strappy top and was leaned at the table and he was sort of staring and said ‘Oh she wants sex’. My sister Jiah immediately jumped to my defence and said ‘No what are you talking about’, and he said, ‘Look at the way she’s sitting’.

“My sister said, ‘No she’s innocent, she’s young, she doesn’t know what she wants.’ And then we left shortly after that.” she added.

The video clip also shows a moment from Housefull press conference where Jiah talks about how Sajid made her life hell. Although at that time it looked like she was saying in humour. Watch the video clip below:

Housefull also starred Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh, Deepika Padukone, Lara Dutta, Arjun Rampal among others. The film released in 2010 and became a huge franchise later. 4th part of the franchise released in 2019. Earlier the film was being directed by Sajid Khan but when his name appeared in the MeToo controversy, he was replaced by Farhad Samji.

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