India Admitting Of Accidentally Firing A Missile In Pakistan Turns Into Joke For Netizens As They Share Memes On Twitter
India Accidentally Firing A Missile In Pakistan Becomes Turned Into Memes On Social Media(Photo Credit: Instagram/Twitter)

India and Pakistan have always had their share of political tension and issues. Recently, on Friday (12th March) India accidentally fired a missile into Pakistan which turned out to be a huge shocker to everyone.

Well, while everyone is tensed about the Ukrainian and Russia war, this sudden mistake by India not only shocked everyone but also has become a topic of meme fest for many netizens.



For the unversed, yesterday, the Indian government had released a statement regarding the accidental missile firing in Pakistani airspace. The statement stated that the incident took place during routine maintenance, where due to a technical malfunction an accidental missile was launched and unfortunately it landed in Pakistan. It is to be noted that according to the Defence Minister, the Indian Government has ordered a high-level Court of Enquiry. They said that the incident was “deeply regrettable, it is also a matter of relief that there has been no loss of life due to the accident”.

This incident is currently one of the hot topics in the news. However, social media and netizens have a completely unique view on the matter. Social Media users brought in hilarious memes over the topic ranging from Hera Pheri memes, funny clips and many more. Check them out below.

One user shared the famous meme of Dr Viru ‘virus’ Sahastrabuddhe from 3 Idiots (as Pakistan) demanding the explanation of 2 words ‘technical malfunction’ (from India)

While another Twitteratti shared a meme of Russia’s president Putin saying ‘That’s My Bro’ to India for accidentally launching a missile over Pakistan

Check out rest of the memes that we are sure will make you ROFL:

What are your thoughts on the India Pakistan missile matter and the memefest made on it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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