Hema Malini Backs Jaya Bachchan: “Can't Take It When They Ridicule Our Industry”
Hema Malini Backs Jaya Bachchan: “Can’t Take It When They Ridicule Our Industry” (Pic credit: Instagram/bachchan)

Jaya Bachchan’s speech at the Rajya Sabha calling out people downgrading Bollywood has formed teams. Backing her now is her fellow actor and politician Hema Malini. The Dream Girl of Bollywood in her statement has called the film industry a beautiful place and said that no one could bring it down in a flash over drugs and nepotism allegations. Below is everything that Malini has to say.

A quick recap, Jaya Bachchan in her speech addressing the Rajya Sabha called the current scenario vilification of Bollywood. She took the stage and even gave a reply to BJP MP Ravi Kishan over his remarks about drugs in Bollywood. “Just because of a few people, you cannot tarnish the whole industry… Jis thaali me khaate hain usi me ched karte hain,” Bachchan said.



Taking the conversation ahead from where Jaya Bachchan left, is Hema Malini. The veteran actor spoke to NDTV, where she expressed her viewpoint in this scenario confessing how it is Bollywood that gave her name and fame.

Hema Malini said, “I want to tell people, Bollywood beautiful place, a creative world; it is an art and culture industry… I feel very hurt when I hear people talking so bad about it, about drugs and things like that…Where doesn’t it happen? But if there is a stain, you wash it off and it goes. The stain on Bollywood will also go.”

“So many great artistes… matinee idols were gods in human form. People used to wonder whether they were artistes or God. Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, Dharmendra (Hema Malini’s husband), Amit-ji (Amitabh Bachchan) – they are all examples of Bollywood luminaries who made Bollywood synonymous with everything Indian. Bollywood is India. I can’t take it when they ridicule our industry like this,” Hema Malini Added.

The Sholay veteran also addressed the debate around nepotism that has raged over Sushant Singh Rajput’s tragic demise. She cleared how not every son or daughter of a star that joins the industry becomes a superstar. It is talent and luck that makes one. She concluded that the image of Bollywood cannot be tarnished by a stain.

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