Mimi Chakraborty Harassed By A Cab Driver, Shares Horrific Experience!
Mimi Chakraborty Harassed By A Cab Driver, Shares Horrific Experience! (Photo Credit – Mimi Chakraborty/Instagram)

Mimi Chakraborty was all over the headlines when she joined politics in 2019. She is a member of Trinamool Congress Candidate and a Member of the Parliament in the 17th Lok Sabha. Time and again, the beauty has wonderfully dealt with social media trolls and held back high. However, a horrific incident happened as she was harassed by a cab driver. Below are all the details you need.

It all happened on Monday afternoon when Mimi was returning to her home from the gym. A taxi driver passed lewd comments on the actress. As per her, the accused was drunk while he committed this cheap stunt. She tried seeking help but the accused had fled the scene by then.



Talking about it all in a conversation with TOI, Mimi Chakraborty began, “It happened around 2 pm. I was alone in my car and it was raining heavily. At first, I tried to ignore and asked my driver to speed up. But he followed my car and then, near the Gariahat bridge, he again started passing lewd comments and making obscene gestures. I thought I must protest, as I could feel he was drinking and driving. I realised this taxi driver was mentally not sound. So, I stopped my car and decided to teach him a lesson. But when he saw too many people starting to gather, he fled.”

Mimi Chakraborty has taken legal action against the cab driver. She has lodged a complaint at the Gariahat police station. “Later, I lodged a complaint with Gariahat Police station and they nabbed him. He is under police custody now and will be produced at the court. Thanks to the Kolkata Police that they did what was needed. We all should protest otherwise these people will think they can get away with anything and everything,” she shared.

All power to Mimi Chakraborty for standing strong. We hope the accuse is caught soon and is well-schooled for his dirty actions.

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