Harshita Gaur plays dentist in short film on gender issues
Harshita Gaur Opens Up On Her Upcoming Short Film! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Gender biases are often seen not only in rural but in urban areas also and the short film, Love Raddi, is about the same, featuring Harshita Gaur and actor-director Adeeb Rais.

Sadda Haq actress Harshita will be seen playing a dentist who is forced to face emotional abuse since childhood.

Harshita Gaur says: “My character, Sara Malik, is a young dentist, who although independent and intelligent, is subject to emotional abuse since childhood. The film highlights how even in well-to-do urban households, some parents continue to treat their daughters and sons differently.”

According to Harshita Gaur, the on-screen character is confident from the outside, but feels restricted and unable to speak up in actuality.

The actress, who feels a lot of young Indian girls will connect with her character, says: “What really attracted me about this particular short film when I was reading it was a very basic line, which said that sometimes when you speak up for yourself, you’re not just trying to fix the problem, but probably you are just trying to fix yourself. Speaking up is an act of courage and self-love.”

The other lead actor, Adeeb, says his character, Kabir Kohli, appears like the boy-next-door but slowly the audience will realise that there’s a lot of unhealed pain and anguish within him.

He says: “Kabir Kohli has grown up seeing his mother being psychically abused by his father and continues to be haunted by the trauma. He’s highly relatable on surface level, but deeply complex from within, which makes the character really exciting.”

Adeeb further explains the reason for such gender biases in the society.

“The problem lies in the Indian parenting system where parents are given a larger than life Demi God’s stature. This pressure is unfair to both the children and the parents. Indian media too has generally portrayed parents in a very one-dimensional fashion, and I feel it’s time we highlight these unspoken issues.”

The 20-minute short film produced by Madmidaas Films is available on YouTube on the Madmidaas Films channel.

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