Gadar 2 Trailer Sunny Deol Using Lucknow As Pakistan
Gadar 2 Trailer Shows Sunny Deol Not In A Lovely Mood (Picture Credit: Youtube)

The highly anticipated sequel of Sunny Deol’s action drama, Gadar 2, is about to hit the theatres, and its trailer has been revealed. Being filled with patriotism and a fight to bring back his son from Pakistan, the movie will be based on the backdrop of the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971, where Tara Singh will once again face every enemy to protect the honour of the country and family. However, the Pakistan shown in the movie is nowhere close to the actual location, as the Pakistan sequence was shot in Lucknow.

It surely was a delight for the fans to see Tara Singh as Indian Thor with a much bigger sledgehammer blasting the Pakistanis army soldiers. As Tara is the Damad Ji of Pakistan that they would never want to visit, we get to see Sunny Deol filled with rage as he is once again ready to extirpate the handpump. Or is he? Well, the lovely stare at the end of the trailer was enough for the fans waiting for the movie.

However, one of the major drawbacks of the Gadar 2 trailer was the actual scenes of Pakistan which were not the real ones. Instead, all the scenes shown in the trailer of Pakistan were from La Martiniere College, Lucknow. We get to see Sunny Deol’s character giving powerful dialogues as he sees his son Jeete (Utkarsh) getting tortured by a Pakistani army general. Additionally, this time, it is much more than love as the first movie revolved around him getting his wife back, but this time it seems much more like a love story, but is it still better than RPatz’ Twilight movie?

Later, the scene shows Tara embarking on a courageous journey to Lahore and the gate shown is from the old area of Lucknow. It is not the first time the city has been used to depict Pakistan, as even the first movie was shot in the city of Nawabs. In the first movie, when Sunny Deol pulls out the handpump, it was shot in the Aishbagh area of Lucknow. At the Safed Baradari of Lucknow, the meeting was held where they met for the first time. Even the citizens of the city recalled the scenes of the city and caught how the movie tries to play on the emotions of the 2001 movie. It was also reported that the background artists had to wait for hours while filming the movie took place.

The scene where Sunny Deol threatens the Pakistani army is the La Marts playground, where many play cricket and football. Have the makers of Gadar 2 tried to save the production cost to shoot the movie in Lucknow? Additinally, the movie has been sold to be a semi-personal war of Tara Singh as he is ready to pull out some handpumps once again.

One of the reasons speculated for the Anil Sharma-directed movie to be shot in Lucknow is the lower production cost of the cities in Uttar Pradesh. Considering the political scenarios, as the movie is filled with patriotism, it can be assumed that the movie might be tax-free in the state.

Directed by Anil Sharma, Gadar 2 is scheduled to release on 11 August 2023.

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