From Dev Anand, Rajesh Khanna To Dharmendra - Finest Fashion Icons Of Bollywood, Check Out
From Dev Anand, Rajesh Khanna To Dharmendra – Finest Fashion Icons Of Bollywood(Pic credit – Movie Still )

There have been men in Bollywood who have defined fashion like no other. And way before fashion designers existed in our country, veteran B’wood actors dressed according to their own taste and preferences. They never followed trends, trends followed them. From Dev Anand, Rajesh Khanna to Dharmendra, these veterans are the finest fashion icons that the industry has given us over the years.


There are so many things that we are thankful for in Bollywood, but these veteran actors and their style is something that we will always carry forward along with their legacy.


Ever since I remember as a kid, I was always mesmerised by how these actors lived their lives. From luxury to their fashion choices, there are so many things to take inspiration from them. I was always fascinated with the fashion industry and often wondered how Bollywood has given us our desi Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan.

Let’s take a look at the best fashion icons from the 60s and 70s:

Dev Anand

Dev Anand was one of the most handsome and talented actors that we have ever seen in the Bollywood industry. My grandfather was really fond of him and that is how I closely watched him while growing up. Every night, instead of a bedtime story, he would tell me a Bollywood actor’s story from their real lives and that’s how I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Grandpa would tell me Dev Anand’s stories and how handsome he was. He had a massive fan following among young girls. And however bizarre this might sound, he was banned from wearing black colour in public as women would jump from buildings just to get a glance of him. Imagine!

Rajesh Khanna

Rajesh Khanna was personally my favourite actor of all time. From playing such simple roles in Anand to playing a suited-booted lad in Ajanabee, I’ve personally been a fan of his fashion choices.

I personally feel it was him who brought the culture of wearing kurtas to even the most sophisticated parties. From collared kurtas to guru kurtas, he has given us some memorable fashion choices to remember.


Dharmendra is the finest example of how a Punjabi ‘Munda’ can rock an attire with anything and everything. He was yet another actor, who I have seen being discussed in my house almost on a regular basis because obviously, Dadaji!

There are a few similarities between him and my grandfather and that he also lived life king size and never worried about anything in life just like the actor. Also, he would often ask me, ‘Dharmendra wore the same shirt in that movie, na?’ and I would smile and say, ‘Yes’. The smile on his face was PRICELESS.


How can one not talk about Jeetendra, if you’re talking about fashion icons in Bollywood? Who bought the trend of bell-bottoms with fitted t-shirts? It’s none other than our very own superstar, Jeetendra.

The Tohfa actor’s all-white look has been the talk of the town for years. From his quirky style to pairing his outfits with funky jackets, he introduced the concept of COOLNESS in the Bollywood industry.

Dilip Kumar

If there’s one actor who screamed elegance with the way he talked and walked is Dilip Sahab. His signature style was a white shirt, tie and a black blazer, we would often see him wearing this combination.

He would often style his kurtas with either scarf or shawls and always looked dapper in whatever he wore.

Whoa! writing this piece was a good flashback memory for me.

Tell us which of the above-mentioned actors was your favourite fashion icon from the Bollywood industry in the comments below.

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