Exclusive! Taapsee Pannu Opens Up On Her Sultry Sequences In Haseen Dillruba
Taapsee Pannu Opens Up On Her Sultry Pallu Sequence In Haseen Dillruba(Photo Credit – Instagram/Movie Still)

Taapsee Pannu is a versatile actor. Be it romantic, grey or thriller characters, she’s apt with each one of her portrayals. But one thing fans haven’t seen her doing is turn sultry. Haseen Dillruba witnessed her try her hands on that, and well, it wasn’t as easy as it appeared on the screen. Read on for exclusive details.

Haseen Dillruba stars Taapsee alongside Vikrant Massey and Harshvardhan Rane. The film directed by Vinil Matthew is a romantic thriller/ murder mystery. But there’s a pinch of humour that perfectly balances the intense characters keeping everything light-hearted as and when required.

Koimoi got into an exclusive conversation with Taapsee Pannu regarding her character, Rani Kashyap. The actress opened up on the much-talked-about ‘pallu’ sequence. The actress is expected to lure her husband by intentionally dropping her pallu and doing similar sultry actions!

Talking about the sequence, Taapsee Pannu shared, “Those were the sequences I gave maximum retakes to. Most of them because I myself couldn’t stop laughing. The idea of doing that is very funny for me. At the end of the day, we are just normal people, like when I think of a woman trying to do all that to impress a man, it is very funny!”

Taapsee Pannu continued, “Sometimes I disconnected from Rani and became Taapsee and started laughing. And then I had Vikrant’s reaction in front of me. I’m not a person who rehearses a lot, I react. So if I see Vikrant giving a very funny, awkward reaction to what I’ve done, in return I start laughing too! Because that is the normal audience’s reaction. I would laugh in the middle of the shot because of which I had to give retakes, which I hate. I had wasted a lot of takes trying to get that pallu sequence right without laughing.”

Check out the entire conversation below:

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