Here's What Aamir Khan-Kajol's Onscreen Son Ali Haji From Fanaa Is Currently Doing
Ali Haji Played Aamir Khan & Kajol’s Son Rehan In Fanaa(Pic credit – Ali Haji/ Instagram; Movie Still )

Actor Ali Haji, who rose to fame as a child actor in Aamir Khan & Kajol starrer Fanaa (2006) is all grown up now. The 21-year-old actor played the role of their son Rehan in the film. Post the Kunal Kohli directorial, Ali has been a part of several interesting films. He has also directed numerous short films in the past few years.

Koimoi spoke to Ali Haji about his life post Fanaa, his upcoming short film #Goals & much more. When asked about what he did since 2006, after the Aamir Khan & Kajol starrer released, he answered, “I’ve done a bunch of stuff after Fanaa. I did Tara Rum Pum, Partner. I acted for a while. Recent ones have been Noble Men & Super 30. But I have also been working as a director. There have been bunch of acting gigs as an actor, but I’m focusing more on direction.”

The actor isn’t someone who prefers staying in the limelight always. When asked if he prefers staying away from all the attention willingly, Ali said he prefers some space in his life. The Super 30 actor answered, “I’ve never mind coming in front of the camera. It’s a place of comfort for me. I’ve done it so much in the last 15 years. It is easy for me to be in front of the camera. But I prefer being slightly lowkey. I also think that there is certain amount of space required so that you don’t lose your mind. Otherwise this industry can be a little overwhelming. Having been in it for a while, I prefer being a bit away from constantly being out there.”

Ali Haji is all set to release his new short film titled #Goals. It is based on toxic relationships. The actor has an interesting reason behind the title of the film. Ali shared, “#Goals is one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram. It is something a lot of people use to talk about how they either envy another couple or envy something about someone. Hence, they called them as goals. It is also used for boyfriend goals, girlfriend goals, couple goals or best friend goals. It’s set the ideal for every relationship. Having been a youngster who has seen the rise of Instagram in the last 5-6 years, you realise that while people speak of these couples or their friends, more often than not there is a kind of toxicity in those relationships. It is very easy to be fooled by social media thinking that someone’s life looks picture-perfect or seamless.”

The Fanaa actor added, “So I wanted a film that contrasts and highlights the beauty that you seen on Instagram & the ugliness within the people themselves. It’s basically about that irony. It is about a couple who is considered perfect & ideal because of how good they look together. But when they go back home, their insecurities, fears & their baggages can be toxic.”

Toxic relationship also affects a person’s mental health. When Ali Haji was asked if his film also focuses on that aspect deeply or not, he revealed, “I don’t know if it covers as much of mental health aspects. It covers the cyclical nature of falling back into your own trap. You are toxic and when you realise you’ve been that, you are fine with going to your most desperate vulnerable self to not lose out. So it explores that aspect of toxicity wherein you are willing to sell in yourself or compromise on your integrity just to hold on to something that is not good for you.”

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