Breaking: Tajdar Amrohi To Take Legal Action Against Kriti Sanon, Manish Malhotra’s Meena Kumari Biopic
Breaking: Tajdar Amrohi To Take Legal Action Against Kriti Sanon, Manish Malhotra’s Meena Kumari Biopic (Picture Credit: Instagram & IMDB)

It seems actress-turned-producer Kriti Sanon’s ambitious plans to make a biopic on the iconic actress Meena Kumari with fashion designer Manish Malhotra as the director, stand to be thwarted before execution.

After the severe backlash at what many see as an ethically and aesthetically wrong project, we now have Meena Kumari’s husband the late and great filmmaker Kamal Amrohi’s son Tajdar Amrohi threatening to take Sanon and Malhotra to court.

Speaking to this writer, a very angry Tajdar Amrohi lashed out, “Some industrywalas have become absolutely bankrupt and thieves .They have no right to barge in and step into my territory and domain. They are not just thieves but also DACOITS .”

Tajdar Amrohi, rightly, feels no one has the right to make film on Meena Kumari without his consent. “She(Meena Kumari) was my mom and Kamal Amrohi was my dad. Please ask those people to make a movie on their own parents and I’m sure they will not do so, for they were nobody. Anyway, what they will make would be based on all lies.”

Tajdar feels only he know the real truth about his parents’ marriage. “Baba (father Kamal Amrohi) passed away twenty nine years ago and Choti Ammi (mother Meena Kumari) went fifty years ago. But they continue to live in people’s minds. I’d say Choti Ammi’s best most successful films came after she married Baba. Before marriage she worked in mythologicals. It was the advent of Kamal Amrohi in her life that brought on the best phase of her career. It is believed that Baba went and whisked Choti Ammi away from her home for marriage. Not so. It was Choti Ammi who came to Baba’s home. And let me tell you, they fell in love without meeting secretly. During those days lovers from the film industry met in dark corners of studios. Not my parents. Their love blossomed on the phone. His voice was so magnetic that she fell in love with him.”

Lashing out angrily at the proposed biopic on Meena Kumari, Tajdar Amrohi now plans to take strong legal action. “I’ll go by what my lawyer will tell me. He said to wait. Both me and my sister Rushksar will file a suit.”

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