Esha Gupta Reveals A Brand Sued Her For Refusing To Endorse Skin Whitening Product, Says “We Still Believe That Fair Girls Are Prettier”
Esha Gupta Recalls Getting In Legal Trouble For Once Refusing To Endorse Skin Whitening Products ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Esha Gupta, who was recently seen as Sonia – Hukum Singh’s Beau and international brand-building expert in Aashram Season 3, is a candid person. The actress who has previously revealed that she was advised to get injections for fairer skin colour, has now shared another such experience that she had with colourism in the film industry.


In a recent conversation, Esha recalled the time she was sued by a cosmetics brand after she and her team backed out from endorsing their skin whitening products. The actress decided she would rather get sued than endorse such products. Read all about it here.


During a recent chat with ETimes, Esha Gupta was asked if she was ever made to feel insecure about her skin colour. Recalling one such incident – that saw her getting sued, the actress told the publication, “It happened with a brand contract once and it was actually my fault and that of my ex-agency. We did not read the contract properly, which said whitening and not brightening products. If I put cucumber on my face or eat the right food every day, the brightness of my face will make a difference.”

Esha Gupta continued, “But the brand decided to scr*w me and sue me because I wasn’t ready to endorse their skin whitening products. That’s when I realised that we come from a land where there’s a problem. Some Indians have the mindset where we think like white supremacy.”

Sharing her views on the same, the Aashram Season 3 stated, “Americans are fighting it. White supremacy means people who have dark colour or dark skin, are meant to be slaves because those who are fair think God made them as the ones who are supposed to rule. India’s problem is far older, too. We still believe that fair skin is superior, fair girls are prettier, fair people get their way.”

Esha Gupta added, “That’s what we show in our ads, too. You put on a cream and the guy will accept you. Who wouldn’t want to marry you? You apply the cream and you’ll get that dream job.” The actress even noted that Indian skin tone with texture, and voluminous hair, are more accepted abroad where people will compliment it, meaning that there’s space for everyone.

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